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Best Book To Buy On Growing Bud


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whats up im just wondering your opinion on the best book there is to uy on growing bud. a real descriptive but simple book on indoor growing and all the methods. thanks


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I have heard good things about Jorge Cevantes books. He's been doing it as long as anyone else out there and he has alot of knowledge.

However, you have already tapped into the single greatest source of grow knowledge on the internet, that is... 420 Magazine! If you use the search function you can find most anything you need. I also feel this site is a good resource because you can not only ask members questions but you also get real world responses from people using the methods and products you are inquiring about.


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The GROWERS BIBLE!!! By Jorge Cervantes of course......Read it over and over and over before you begin any project....good luck


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jorge cervantes I looked at that book and it pretty much says it all. that and this website. everything you need.

( I dont grow....but a friend has it and I looked through it. )
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Alot of people have already mentioned it but Jorge Cervantes "Marijuana Horticulture" book is really good. It explains everything from hydro, soil, guerilla growing, to drying and hash making. I'd recommend buying it instead of DL it because then you can reference it whenever your in the grow room. It also has lots of color picutres and diagrams. I've found the book invaluable and find myself constantly rereading it and learning new things.


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I am a total beginner and this site has been an invaluable tool. I went to Borders and the only book I found that was worthwhile was 'The Cannabis Grow Bible' by Gregg Green. I think this is a great book and it covers soil, hydro, outdoor, & guerrilla growing. The only problem I have is that he is a little strict on some points. I think from the info. I get from the book and this site I can become a great grower. Thanks 420Magazine!

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Marijuana Horticulture
the Indoor / Outdoor
Medical Growers Bible
by Jorge Cervantes

Marijuana New School
Indoor Cultivation
by Jeff Mowta

But this site has helped me more than any book
thanks grow team!


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if you get onto a torrent site like bitsoup.org or torent reactor you will find variuos d.v.ds on growing.jorge cervantes is the main man though,he's been growing for a long time and knows his shit.:rollit:he explains everything in simple terms as well:31:

i would just like to second this. i have the indoor marijuana horticultre guide by jorge cervantes, and great as it is, actually seeing someone do everything from properly hang lights, mixing soil, making bubble hash shows you little things that get lost when you are just reading. both of jorge cervantes dvds are excellent, the second being a little more focused on outdoor grows.


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was lucky enough to read both jorges mj horticulture and new school and also liked mel frank's book but i think thats dated
compared to the newer stuff around....

web helps soo much compared to old days


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I disagree with everybody who says read the Jorge Cervantez grow bible. It is a great tool but not the only source. The greatest source is trying it yourself. The bible will put you in the right direction, but is there really a person who can follow directions without trying it a little different way? Bible is invaluable though, when you are looking at leaves that are curling up. The bible has like 20 pages I think about the different nutrient issues. It is great for knowledge, but to gain the knowledge from reading my belief is you must use the knowledge and build. You will see if you follow a book the plants will work, but if you experiment a little with a couple plants you will learn a LOT more knowledge and know how to grow amazing plants!
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