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Best capsule recipe?


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I've been getting capsules from a dispensary but the other day it occurred to me that I would be better off making them myself. I've seen a number of recipes here and other places--is there a "best"? Thanks for any help.


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If you can afford it/ grow enough, maybe using this guide
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Then putting the honey oil in capsules.

If honey oil is out of the question, use one of the Coconut Oil techs. A good example is 420 Magazine ®

I would say that if you can, use a crock-pot to cook in. I had good success with that. I posted this one because it shows a nifty little thing for filling capsules! I suggest the crock-pot because stove tops vary a lot. The one at my house is nuts. It has pretty much one temperature, hot as hell! So when I tried to use the stovetop, I made a ghetto double broiler by filling a high wall pan halfway with water, putting four clean rocks down and balancing a pot on top of that.

Coconut oil is probably your best bet for a medium. It has lots of fat, and has a lot of medium-chain fatty acids.. so its like a double whammy supplement!

As for which one is the best... That is tricky. They all essentially do the same thing.. Maybe altitude is a varying factor in which works the best? However, I would suggest using a crock-pot or stove top. I have tried both, and both work very well..
The microwave works also, but I would not recommend it over the other two methods if you have time to make your product... That being said, the microwave would be the most easily contained in terms of smell control (if that is a issue).


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I use bubble hash or Ice hash for caps or any thing needing pure thc just dry it out
and makes the best wax to vape if i roll a joint i use some hash or wax roll up like a snake or sprikle
screened Kief for the rolling box
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