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Hi fellow cultivators, I am looking for some guidance on which strain to select for a vertical scrog using two 600w hps lights in a cool tube in an NFT setup. I was thinking of critical mass or maybe Ak-47 if I want to sacrifice some yield. I heard chronic wasnt good in a scrog because it doesnt branch well, but are there any other suggestions if I want to get close to the best yield, be good for scrog, and somewhat easy to grow?


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verticle ScrOG is kind of uncharted territory on our forums. This is why u've gotten no response. I would imagine a muti branching variety that will grow tall would work.I'd recommend that u go with a sativa or sativa dominant hybrid. Please start a journal so we can follow ur grow. Many growers would be more that happy to help lend support. Here's a link to our sponsors. U may find some strain info and a better selection to suit ur grow here >420 Magazine - Sponsors. To start a journal go to the grow room and click journals section and start a new thread >420 Magazine ® Good luck and welcome to our forums.


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im currently growing g.h. Himalayan gold and it is an indica dom. but gets quite tall with nice side branching (grows like a sativa) nice big dense buds.just a suggestion

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Power Plant: high yield, painless trim, kicks you in the balls
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