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Best Deer Deterent EVER!


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As a mj farmer for decades, I've tried lots of different methods of keep deer (and other critters) away from pot.
A few weeks ago, my fertile brain came up with the best deterrent.

Cheap and easy--here's how:
-Get a roll of 4' high chicken wire. It come in rolls of 25'--50' at most large harware stores and isn't too expensive.
-Cut 6' lengths, then join the 2 cut ends together with wire, forming a 4' long "tunnel" or tube.
-Spray paint it brown or green (or both, camo style).
-Lay the tubes on their sides. Encircle your plant(s) with these tubes. Secure the chicken wire tubes in place with tent stakes.
That's it!

-Ranger Danger
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that's a beautiful idea!
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