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Best distance from LED light to jiffy cube for seedling stage


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Morning posters,

I am using a MarsHydro 300w (60x5w) LED panel and i have a seed inside a jiffy cube for a few days now and i am wondering what the best distance from the light to the jiffy cube i should be maintaining? Right now it is about 1 metre away from the jiffy cube. I noticed the jiffy cube was a little dry this morning also, does using the jiffy cube method require a little more watering, maybe daily?

First timer here so any help is greatly appreciated :thumb:


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I'd check with the Mars folks but with most LEDs three feet to start is good. The LEDs won't dry things out, usually it's the other way around. Lots of good reading material here, good luck.


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At one time I would use jiffy cubes to start mine and after taking the dome off I would need to water the cubes a little when they started to dry out.

I stopped using jiffys and now use Raped Rooter plugs because I was getting tiny little grasshoppers coming out of the jiffy cubes.

I think the Rapid Rooters work better too.

And 3' should be good for that light. I put mine off to the side of the light at first. Then after a few days I move then into the middle of the light.
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