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Best drainage layer medium?


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Hello all I am new to the community and I apologize if this thread is misplaced; this seems to be where it belongs.
Short version:
My question to you all is what is your preferred layer of drainage medium? Perlite, lava rock, pebbles?
Long version:
I'm over coming a nute burn issue caused by incorrect PH. Not from ignorance but unfortunately I am colorblind and the person reading my ph scale for me said it was 6.5 but was actually 5.5. Now I have a digital scale.
I transplanted and flushed thoroughly. 3 gallons of distilled water per plant in 1 gallon pots. The nute burn has stopped and the plants are recovering slowly but the soil is extremely moist almost a week after flushing. My humidity is normally 60-70% 24/7. I just had to scrape mold off the top layer of soil and replaced with new. I use fox farm ocean forest. so my plan is to put a drainage layer at the bottom with screen on top separating the medium as well as over the drainage holes and possibly a wick up to the root ball. Does anyone else use the wick method? I have done research and I know some people believe drainage layers do nothing but the last thing I want is root rot after stressful nutrient lock+burn so if anything that layer underneath will help airate.

Than you guys for your input!
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