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Best Flower Additive: Bloombastic On Sale

JJ Bones

Nug of the Month: Feb 2013
Bloombastic 1250 ml 1.25 L Nutrient Additive

We have a great sale going on for the 1.25 L size of Bloombastic. If you've never used this product before you are definitely missing out!

We've used it many times and have turned tons of growers onto its awesome results. It's a bit more expensive then other nutrient additives you may have seen however it is also highly concentrated and offers everything in one bottle.

Bloombastic will help with density, crystal production, and overall bud size. Don't use three bottles, get Bloombastic and use one.

You start using it at a rate of 2ml per gallon around week 2 of flowering then you can slowly increase by 1ml per week until you reach 4ml per gallon.

That puts this bottle, if using full strength, at 312 gallons of water: Bloombastic 1250 ml 1.25 L Nutrient Additive

It will last you for a long time and has a shelf life of 3 years. If you want the smaller size it is available here: Bloombastic, 325 ml - Perfect Gardens

However do the math and you will see the bigger bottle is the best price point.

Thank you!
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