Best hydroponic system for indoor?


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What is the best hydroponic system for a 4x4 tent and a 4x8 tent? Looking for the most-efficient system that produces the best quality possible ☺
If you haven't done hydroponics before, you might want to start with something simple, like growing in a five gallon bucket with an aquarium air pump mixing and oxygenating the reservoir. I would suggest using Advanced Nutrients' "pH Perfect" series of nutrients because they make pH management easier, and pH management can be the biggest challenge in hydro.

You might also want to consider a drain-to-waste coco coir grow, which is essentially hydroponics using shredded coconut fiber as a matrix. I would strongly recommend checking that out as its very easy to do and doesn't require tracking and correcting the pH of the reservoir. There's a simple outdoor coco grow in my sig file (a little hydro grow too.)

There is a separate hydroponics forum here, but it doesn't seem to be very active.
Hydroponic Gardening

Good luck and have fun. Whatever form of hydroponics you end up using, it's really interesting and you will learn a lot (and you will have to learn a lot ;)).
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