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Best Medical Marijuana Strains Of July 2016

Katelyn Baker

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The best cannabis strains in America - assemble!

Bye, bye, July - you were a scorcher. The conventions, the tension, the heat wave. We wonder if weed was the only thing chilling this country out from total meltdown. Seriously, vote Fridge 2016. Let's chill people.

Also, in July - the cannabis was phenomenal. The year's outdoor crops reached new heights and sizes under the warm summer sun, while light dep and indoor farms kept the nation supplied as 2015's outdoor stores ran dry. Here's some of the best cannabis in America that caught our attention.

Willie's Reserve Permafrost
Willie Nelson's weed brand finally came to market in America this month. Spotted in Washington, Willie's Reserve Permafrost (sativa hybrid) tested at 19% and was well-reviewed.

Grizzly Glue
Skateboard griptape-maker Grizzly backed the new "Grizzly Glue" from Chroncierge. Grizzly Glue crosses Gorilla Glue #4 and TG Seeds' citrus-tinged OG dubbed "Hollister Kush".

A Zkittlez extract took first place in the Chalice California contest. This very sweet, berry candy-flavored strain isn't the highest in THC, but it's the best-smelling, which is just as important.

Grand Prize overall for flowers at Chalice went to "Do-Si-Do" - one of Smell the Truth's regularly featured best strains lately. Highly psychoactive and indica-dominant, it's a mix of Thin Mint Cookies and Faceoff OG and should not be trifled with.

Sour Tangie
SPARC in San Francisco has dialed in the terpenes on this affordable, beautiful flower. An 80% sativa cross between East Coast Sour Diesel and Tangie, the citrus terpene-laden strain is great for daytime tasks.

Raspberry Cookies
Tackle summertime insomnia or catch up on your catnaps with this cross of Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Kush that's grown Clean Green-certified by C.R.A.F.T. Bay Area.

Sungrown ACDC
High-CBD flower continues to surge in the U.S. this summer. The Green Cross in San Francisco sports sungrown ACDC that won't get you high, it's .7 percent THC and 13.6% CBD. CBCB in Berkeley has the Marley Natural Red Swiss Tsu (18.7 percent CBD). Abatin Wellness in Sacramento has MPMH Chill-Up (7.86% CBD).

Sungrown Blue Dream
Many people find modern cannabis to be too strong and expensive, Berkeley Patients Group has a great option - their 9.1 percent THC Blue Dream for $15 per eighth-ounce. That's 75 percent lower than top-shelf prices, for a balanced, mild daytime hybrid.

Dutch Crunch
Lux in San Jose carries this cross of sativa Jack Herer and indica hybrid Dutch Treat.

Grape Jelly Donut
Urban Pharm in San Francisco keeps serving up the dessert strains with this indica hybrid.

Josh D the Real OG Kush Story
Northstar Holistic Collective in Sacramento is carrying Cali Kush Farm's authentic cut of OG Kush.

Phytologie on Oakland is sucking in users with the mind-expanding sativa hybrid Vortex.

Vegan Strawberry Diesel
Soften the fuel notes of diesel with some sweet strawberry while waiting out Los Angeles traffic this summer. Greenwolf LA carries this all-vegan strain from Vegan Buddha, which eschews animal inputs.

Banana Tangie
Keep the banana and citrus notes flowing during your beachside paddleboard session with Banana Tangie from LAPCG.

Platinum Durban Poison
If it's unbridled energy you need, Exhale Med Center in Los Angeles has some top-shelf 26.7 percent THC sativa Platinum Durban Poison - which is like espresso in a bong.

Pair your Rose' with some of Green Man Cannabis' Rose - a more floral type of OG from California.

Celebrate the release of raper Gucci Maine and get flossy for Fall with Gucci from Botanico in Denver. Also reported phenotype of OG.

The Gorilla Glue craze continues in Portland with Calyxes' Loctite - a cross of Mt. Rainer x Gorilla Glue #4 that tests at 22.00% THC and is Clean Green Certified.

Cannalope Kush
Cannalope Haze and OG cross in this elite, sweet, uplifting sativa hybrid spotted at award-winning Unkle Ike's Pot Shop in Seattle.

Pineapple Express
Don't skip a cannabis culture classic. Pineapple Express combines Trainwreck and Hawaiian with notes of fresh apple, mango, pineapple and cedar. Hard-hitting, long-lasting, energetic and creative. Also at Unkle Ike's.


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