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Best nutrients paired with Cal-Mag for RO water


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I recently started my first cannabis grow. I'll try to keep it short and simple. I'm using RO water along with cal mag plus resulting at 110 ppm. Fox farm ocean forest soil. Water ph 6.4. My two clones (purple Punch&Green Crack) have began LST (no top/fim) after transplant a week ago are currently in early veg and adapting well. I do notice the stalk, stems and veins within the leaves on Purple Punch are turning red. I believe this is a phosphorous issue? The red is present in the green crack stalk and stems but not going through the leaf veins. Although, it's only the big leaves on top of the purple p that have the red leaf veins. (Lighting is about 18 inches/300 watt) Besides the phosphorous in the soil, the cal mag only contains nitrogen so what nutes should I buy? Ideally, something with zero nitrogen and just the other stuff. I'm planning on using earth juice hi-brix molases for nutrients during the flowering stage. I can post a picture if you all care to see.
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