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Best Nuts to use(o-0-0)


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Not using brand names as most in the US are not available where i live.

What are the best plant foods to use for veg and then flowering.

At the moment i have a bottle of 5 5 10.

So i was hoping to get the answers in that formula.

(Cant read properly today and i find it hard to make sense of asking questions hoppe this explins enough)


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the three number's you are referring too is the N-P-K value. N is nitrogen, P for phosphorus and K for potassium. During veg you want something high in nitrogen, but have to use diluted dosages at first, until the plant is strong enough and used to the nutes. During flower you want a strong phosphorus nute along with potassium. I'm using a 0-10-10 to flower right now.


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Thanks for the help.

I just read my post and it doesnt make the slighest bit of sense.

I was in a car crash 2 years ago and suffered a head injury.Since then there are some days where everything is jumbled up.

I should have said
Im wondering which type of ratio is best to use during Veg and Flower.

I have a bottle of 20 20 20 but i think they would cause nute burn to my white widow.

I also have 5 5 10.

Also another question.Because White Widow are prone to nute burn would it be better to get an Organic Feed for them?

I saw a few bottles of 5 5 10 which was organic

Thank you


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don't use the 20-20-20, your right that will cause nute burn. I can't honestly say whether the organic nutes would help. As long as no burn occurs you should be fine. The 5-10-10 will work once you begin flowering. For vegging you need to grab something high in nitrogen and lower in phosphorous.


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Not trying to steal the thread or anything but I got some nutes laying around the house that I was thinking about using...the npk is 10-56-10 it is a bloom nute....Advice?
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