Best oil for multiple sclerosis

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Hello peeps. My first post. I live in Europe where cannabis awareness is still being held back by the vested interests and fearful politicians, good information is hard to get. I live in the mountains away from the bustle, a quiet life with animals, gardens and wilderness. The lovely lady who runs the only store for miles has come out and said she’s got MS and is having to stop work. I want to help her. I have two oils atm, one is a normal critical + (high thc, medium cbd) the other is a OG kush 50:50 thc/cbd.
So my question is which oil is best for treating MS? I can obviously mix them to produce other ratios.
Aldo is it the same protocol as for rso, 60 grams in 90 days followed by a maintenance dose or rather a continual daily dose augmented by vaping for peak pain or discomfort?
Should she be on the alkaline diet?
Sorry for all the questions I’m new to forums...
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