Best Papers?

I really like the papers that come with the cans of American Spirit tobacco. One hundred percent flax. Perfect size. Burn real slow, in fact they work much better for weed than for tobacco.
I'm kinda into not using the same thing twice, but if I had to pick I'd use the tried and true zig zag.

when it comes to blunts i like King Pin Maple Syrup flavours.. maybe it's just cause im Canadian and I love Maple Syrup? but they are awesome. and they make the room smell blissful

Ok... That sounds really good.
asbestos in some papers? I don't know if that is true..Re: best papers?

Years ago, I was friends with a smart son-of-a-bitch....REALLY smart!

Told me 'some rolling papers have a slight trace of asbestos in them. Makes the paper burn slower'. He also claimed that some papers product contain more 'leftover' ash which is not good for your lungs.

He showed me and burned a zig zag paper, then next to it, burned a hemp paper. Zig Zag had more ash leftover than the hemp paper.

I found it interesting, but have never researched the asbestos claim.

He also mentioned, papers with "gum" are not good either to smoke.

Anyone heard of such a thing?
papers? papers?

we vapers don't need no stinkin' papers...

I don't know why, but I always go back to the orange pack :)
hehe feel the same way. zig zags will never let you down but them clear big ones (aleda) are good to throw in the mix for a change of pace. i also like the fact 75% of people iv encountered whilst smoking a clear joint were afraid to hit it leaving more for us. :ganjamon:
I personally smoke with Rizla silver......they're thinner than zig zag whites(i guess not for novice rollers). They burn slow and the spliffs taste better cuz of the thin paper. They're also not bleached like zig zags.
I like using player's papers mostly. I find they roll easy, and aren't very thick
I just use king blue slim rizlas. but OCB lack are good also :grinjoint:
The one paper to rule them all, Zig-Zags 1 1/4" Slow-Burning in the Orange pack. :peace:

Truth right here... Got a pack of em in my wallet right now...

Recently for some reason i have gotten the biggest urge to try out clear papers...I saw my friend light one up the other day and thought "Damn, that looks nice to smoke". You could see all the bud inside. I dunno, i just really wanna get my hands on some right now haha.
Let me ask all you Flavor Paper Lovers...

Does it 'mask' the smell...once smoked? Does it "take-away" from the "real" flavor of the marijuana?? (or just add a hint of flavor??))
I love the longer Rizla Blues for a nice cone, and I really like Raw papers because they're unbleached and have the diamond design on it that makes it burn really even.
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