Best Papers?

I used to use zig zags and they burned the best but the bob marley XL hemp papers have real nice taste and easy to roll.

they roll like a joint, smoke like a blunt.
i dont smoke nothin' but em!


GOLDEN WRAPS are pretty freakin' sweet. they fastly became my number 2 wrap and a must-have in my pad. If you somke blunts also and have some extra leaf, wrap it around your GWjoint its awesome.:cool:
Im a hemp lover so my picks are based on that.
5-Big HEMP Bambu (the only bambu worth using)
4-Elements Rice
3-JOKERS hemp papers (my old fav/ perfect cut)
2-Golden Wraps ( mango is my fav) :grinjoint:
1-BOB MARLEY rolling papers ( simply the best hemp wraps... a must have)
asbestos in some papers? I don't know if that is true..Re: best papers?

Years ago, I was friends with a smart son-of-a-bitch....REALLY smart!

Told me 'some rolling papers have a slight trace of asbestos in them. Makes the paper burn slower'. He also claimed that some papers product contain more 'leftover' ash which is not good for your lungs.

He showed me and burned a zig zag paper, then next to it, burned a hemp paper. Zig Zag had more ash leftover than the hemp paper.

I found it interesting, but have never researched the asbestos claim.

He also mentioned, papers with "gum" are not good either to smoke.

Anyone heard of such a thing?
If your that worried about the toxins in the papers then use a bong or a pipe. My doctor tells me everyweek not to put fire into my body because anything that burns produces toxins no matter what it is just some products produce a little less toxins then others.
Just last week I had a headshop owner try to tell me that zigzag papers glue is mad out of horse huff can you believe that so I look it up because I believe in none of what you hear and only half of what you see I found out that zigzag uses gum Arabic which is sugar glue less toxic....
I know men who have smoked joints daily for fifty years. One died last week. He was seventy years old. I guess the papers killed him.
I like orange zigzags, but the hemp papers from zigzag or Bob Marley are great. I resurrected my back roll style and added a filter made from index cards and that's a big improvement. I got a bunch of free xlarge papers. They were worth what I paid for them.
I think the best papers are randys... they have some sort of metal rod to help roll. what do you think are the best papers and why?
ZigZag Ultra Thins

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