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Best quantum lights available?

Leopold Bloom

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show us pics of your setup
Here you go quantum board in the works here today was the start of the 5th day of my white widow hydroponically grown



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Awwww quantum or go home love my board
Hi all,

I am new here. I am going QB and DIY for my first grow. My 4x4 tent just arrived and I have decided on using 2x HLG 260W (QB with Samsung LM301B diodes).

Question: They come in both 3k and 4k spectrum. I was thinking of getting one in each spectrum but not sure if this is best idea. Erik at LEDlightsdepot said 3k for yield and 4k for quality. My goal is quality more than quantity but ideally, of course, I would like to find the golden mean :)

Any thoughts, suggestions? All are most appreciated as I this is my first indoor cannabis grow after years of outdoors organic heirloom veg/herb growing!

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Chris Scorpio

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3000k is great for flower and good for veg
4000k isn't great for flower but is for veg

Personally I'd go all 3000k to be great in flower


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Thanks very much Chris Scorpio.

I'm leaning that way. My only pause is that I have a new Mars Epistar Pro II 400W with plenty of red so I thought of getting one of each spectrum and using the Mars as supplemental red for flower.

But, I am barely a seedling now in terms of grow knowledge so happy to get more experienced advice/feedback, suggestions.

And btw, fine looking pooch you have there.
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