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Best sativa?


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got some white widow from them a few weeks ago...
they usually have the best selection of meds around...
not sure what they have right now, call them...
Phone: (310) 289-1369 · Hours: 11am-8pm Every Day!

Here is their forum, when you return, please post your experience for others.
West Hollywood Center for Compassionate Healing - 420 Magazine
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i got some snocap for 25$ a g, and they didnt weight it in front of me, the people in their didnt seem very friendly or helpful, and the girl at the front window was kind of a bitch. they had an 1/8th of green crack left and they wouldnt sell me a gram of it because they only had an 1/8th. I might would go back but i didnt care for their overall vibe or their prices, the people at hc remedies in tarzana are cool as shit and very helpful im going back to see them again today to get some purple trainwreck that just came in fresh today. Oh yeah and they were out of skywalker they had...lambs breath, white rhino, white widow, snocap, green c, and some other shit i cant think of right now.
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