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Best soil seeker! Help!

Hi I'm a new member and although I've did a few grows n the past thares always bn that bit that's missing!
I'm ready to start my next crop and I'm determined to get it bang on this time! I want to use soil but not sure which one or ones to use??... any info will be much appreciated along with nutrients to use with the soil and any other info added.

Happy Days!
Mandi x


New Member
i really like Fox Farm soil's... last year i used happy frog from fox farm for my outdoor clones and they turned out wonderful. this year i got fox farm ocean forest. i also use 30 gallon Smart Pots(about 15$) a pot. for nutes, i have fox farm grow big, fox farm big bloom(budding) and fox farm tiger bloom extra strength(budding).. i also have Cal-Mag to help minimize mineral salt build up in my pots (use every 2-3 weeks)... i haven't bought any extra additives for the budding but last year i used Snow Storm and when i got ready to flush it all i used ClearEx every other day when flushing (10-14 days) before harvest to get rid of any nutrients still in the plant... Fox farm is great for me if you can find it. and for bugs/pest's i used Azamax and also you can buy lady bugs at nurseries. lady bugs are wonderful predators that eat those small bugs like spider mites. Good luck!!

-keep in mind i was growing outdoor and had clones from the cannabis club.
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