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Best strains for hot temperatures

Hello there.
1.st of all I apologise if some thread allready exist (I was unable to find it).
Im new in this business.
I have problems with high temperatures in my grow tent.
The temperature goes over 86F (30°C)over the day even if i open all the bottom air strips.
1.st ... If i put a small fan to rise the circulation of air will be helpful?
2.nd ... Can you please suggest me some strain that is viable for hot temperatures?
At the moment im waiting for my Auto Northern Lights to pop out
3rd ... Is this strain good for hot environment?
My set up is the following :
Grow tent 4*4*6.5ft (120*120*200cm)
Hps light 600w
Air extractor is a TT 125 with up to 280m³/h with charcoal filter.
Air intake (forgot the brant) up to 155m³/h

:thanks: :420:


New Member
Hi I'm a new grower so no advice really
But I have a 600w mh in a 60x60x120cm
I had the exact same problem at first really high temp 35+
Here is how I lowered mine I moved my grow tent in to a ventilated area I have an rvk 100m intake fan the ducting is strapped to my wall next to the window.. window is open all the time anyway.
I have two clip fans in my tent one across my canpony and one blowing under the light
I also bought a cool mist humdifer £30 for Argos sorry if not uk.. this dramcilty changed my temp and humdity to 25.1 cel and 58 per cent humdity my light is 21 inches from canopy.. I shall be buying a bigger tent soon though as I will have not enough space for what I would like hope this helps
Hy there Firsttimmer890.
Acctualy i gave a shot to the cold mist humidifier and got good results.
The temperature dropped to 26-29°C and the humidity raised to 60%.
Till now I'm satisfied.
Ty for the advices
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