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Best strains for outdoor - Oregon


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Hello All -
I am looking for a reliable strain to grow outdoor in Oregon - that will produce high yields, and dense buds -
I grow entirely organic -
I have grown Blue dream- (Large plant but did not dense up-), Diesel (not high performance) -

Is it true that Sativa will dense less than an Indica?
But is it better t have a mixed % ( Indi.+ sat.)?

Also any organic seed banks that are reliable ?

Much appreciated -
This is my second year .. learning...

Canafleur :thanks:


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Oregon is a hard place to grow outdoor, a lot of folks from OR here. You need quick maturing, very mold resistant strain for your climate. Look into local breeders or talk to other growers who have been growing for years in your state.


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I'm from Oregon in the Willamette Valley and we definitely had mold here. It seemed to me that the plants all flowered later in the year for me and I don't know why. I first saw mold right around the 20th of OCT, but had some friends that saw powdery mildew a month earlier. I will definitely stick to short flowing plants and even will have a few autos in the earlier months. I figure I can flower twice instead of letting the plants get crazy big just to become a big problem.
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