Best Strains for Outdoors in MA


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Massachusetts grower here. Have done a few indoor grows but since it's legal and I have a decent garden, I want to plant some crop in the great outdoors.

I'd love to get some advice from seasoned outdoor growers about what strains will work well in our chaotic climate. I live on a big hill with lots of trees so it's windy and a bit shady, in addition to the usual MA weirdness. Not the best but my other outdoor crops (mainly habaneros) tend to do pretty well so I'm hopeful that I can nail a decent outdoor cannabis harvest in 2018 if I can find the right strain. I've researched a bit and am thinking AK-47 but I'd love to get some alternate suggestions.

Thanks all!
AK-47 comes down by the end of October, so you have to have a weather for that. I heard she's quite resilient to humid conditions though. My advice is get one or two very hardy strains and few autos just in case.
In the same state so I was thinking an Auto Flowering strain would be good for a short season.
Last summer I tried Bubba Cheese Auto which which was growing really good but the bud rot hit it hard a few weeks before harvest and I lost most of it.
Sour Diesel Auto is more mold resistant so I might try that next.
Also open to any other suggestions.
Welcome to the legal states.Im from Maine,and after a 20 year break,I got back into my favorite hobby this past summer.Dont know what part of Mass your from,but I live in extreme southern coastal Maine.43degrees north latitude.Dont usually get a frost until Oct,so just about any 8 week or less flowering strain will do.Try for strains that are resistant to mold,cause you will get cool nights,and a lot of dew in the mornings in later September.I always had good luck with what we used to call Afgani.World of seeds Afgani Kush looks to be as close to what I used to grow with good results.Somewhat skunky smell,and a hashy taste.I grew White Widow,Critical Mass,Bubba Kush,and Afgani no. 1 this past season,all with good results.The White Widow was the first to flower,but I had to harvest a little early cause I noticed a little bud rot.The others all went to the end of September with no problems.Wind shouldnt be a problem.Make sure to keep the fan on them when you start them,to get some nice thick stems.You can always stake them if you have to.Try to give them as much sun as possible.They will grow in lower light conditions,but they will tend to strech for the sun,and your total weight will be less.Hope this helps-Crank
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