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I am planning to reverse and breed a Super Silver Haze plant. Maybe more. I have use Tiresias Mist with some luck but not so good I am impressed with it.

I have plenty of it to do this run. I even bought some strain CS to mix in to strengthen it. Everything I have seen lately says STS is the way to go. I really didn't want to mix my own stuff if I can get out of it. I have a couple questions.

Does anyone sell it bottled and ready to go?

If I do have to make it. What is the best recipe?

I know this info is out there. It is not that I am too lazy to look. My neck gives me limited time on the computer each day. It is a pain in the neck to sit and read for long periods. I am a bit lazy so there is something to that LMAO.

I have been here long enough to know who to believe. Any help would be much appreciated. I know of a few that have mentioned it to me. I filed it and have forgot where LMAO. I am getting close now so I need to get everything gathered up to do it.

Chris Scorpio

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With the help of others I should have STS covered now. I am going with 2 different pre-made solutions. Thanks to Orlando and Rich I found people to do the work for me.

I do plan to make my own in the future if need be. All the exact ingredients were not available on the links. I didn't want to screw things up by changing things. Now that I have something I think will work I may be working on different project at the same time. I will be working with clones so I can try 2 different reversals. 1 will be SSH the other will be the best Banana Sorbet. I want to use it to make a hybrid with the Haze leaning SSH plant.

I am hoping with STS instead of CS I won't need to use regular strains to reverse.

Orlando Scout

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I’ve seen nothing but great results with Riots, Caleb at CSI Humboldt uses it as well. I’m pretty sure he just recently changed the directions on the bottle, follow it and you should have great success my friend!!!


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Well if they both work I will be set for a long time LOL. I am going to try and self the Banana Sorbet now since I am trying new stuff. I might try both just to compare them. If they both are supposed to work and I follow the directions then both tents should make seeds. The Banana Sorbet is just that good. Going to have to get another small tent if I am going to breed in 2 places at once. I am going to self the SSH and make hybrids. That is a given. We will have to see after that. I may keep the Banana plant around for a bit if I like the high.
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