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Best tasting strain?

Guerilla Monk

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Hey guys.

Im slowly finishing my Mama Mia grow, and am now deciding on a new strain to add in.

Ive selected 2 different phenos of mama mia worth growing, now i have room for 2 more.

CAn u guys recommend me a strain that will taste good even if she doesnt meet all the conditions when growing. Like Shaman and its distinctive taste.

Ive read alot about Tangie, or GSC...but gotta get the right pheno and soil and etc...

Is there any good strain that will taste great in every case?

tx ;)

Guerilla Monk

Well-Known Member
Thanks for trying to explain it to me. ;):D


I was just wondering if u guys stumbled upon a strain that keeps its taste through all kinds of grows (not the crappy Hesi grows, or worse....). I can say for certain that Shaman is one of those strains! Low thc content tho, but its a lovely old DP outdoor strain that tastes great and the taste is present in almost all types of grows with this strain. ;) But this is the only strain like that, ive stumbled upon through all these years. Now im wondering if u guys had any simmilar experience with a certain strain.

thanks ;)
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