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Best Time to Water


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Hello fellow grow-heads,

I have a pretty simple question about when to water. I understand the plants don't like too much water. I do it once 2-3 days, or when the top two inches of soil is dry. I run on an 18/6 light schedule with my AK-47 Lowryders, about 4 weeks from harvest. Now my question is this: what would be the best time to water them? I do it right after I turn the lights back on to start the 18 hours of light. But I was wondering if watering them before I shut the lights off might be better. Who knows, it's probably all the same.

This is my first grow and I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on the subject?

Thanks for your time,


JJ Bones

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Typically the best time to water is in the morning, as it tends to be cool. Evenings are cool as well but if plants stay damp overnight you may get mildew/fungus issues.
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