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Best trichrome color harvest time for Sativa and for Sativa dom strains?


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hi everyone.
i have a durban poison, and maui waui, and CBD MEDI HAZE all close to harvest (check my sig for grow journal).
i painstakingly chose those strains, because i was looking for a clean,upper,functionable old school smoke.
the cbd medi haze i chose for dealing with sinus headaches, and still being able to work during the day...

so ive got some important questions.
ive been reading all these posts and pictures about the differences in harvesting when cloudy/clear, or amber, and etc etc. and that harvesting with 50/50% clear/cloudy gives clear headed upper effect. and harvesting with majority of amber give couchlock effect.

my question is:
doesnt the strain genetics have more to do with the actual effect of the high?

and if so, whats the correct trichrome color to look for in different strains?

for example, i chose my 3 strains, because i was looking for a good, old school, not too intense smoke.
so wouldnt that mean, that even if i do harvest my durban poison at 50% amber, it should still have a clear upper effect?
and the opposite, if i harvest it at 50 clear/50 cloudy, wont that take away from the potential potency and effect of the bud? since in any case, the genetics should cause it to be a good upper high?

i even read somehwere that a buds full potential is reached when its about 75% amber, and harvesting before that, doesnt let the bud get to its full potential that are stored in its genetics....
is that the reason why we pick out different strains?

otherwise, people could just get the fastest growing indica, harvest it at 80% clear triches, and get a sativa effect....???

what happens when u harvest a sativa starin, with 70% amber? does that cause couchlock? or just give a nice relaxing not too edgy hyper feel to the high?

so im really interested in everyones experience here, with when to harvest a sativa according to the triches?

thnks :thumb:


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I have a blue widow right now, the trichomes were like 90% clear when I cut and dried some for sample a few weeks ago. It felt like it should but the effect was done in 30-40 min so it seemed like the potency just wasn't there. I know additional drying and proper curing would probably made it better but a rough estimate is what I was looking for. I'll probably be harvesting it soon and have a 2nd go at what the few extra weeks did for it.


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Haven't heard from you in awhile, HappyJoy but if you get this- let us know how things turned out. I told you I was going to let my pure Sativa turn amber. It refused to develop any amber and was obviously starting to reveg so I chopped it- about two weeks past it's prime I think.
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