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Best Vape For Distillates

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We just purchased a water / oil distiller and over the next few days, we will produce some Indica cannabis oil (L.A. Confidential). Not knowing anything about vape pens with refillable oil cartridges, we would love to hear from the team what the best vape pen is (easy to fill cartridges, heat options, et al). Looking forward to your thoughts.
No affordable pen system will work long term, or even short term reliably for thickened juices or extract. You'd want to look for a dedicated extract vaping pen, some are just like normal vape pens but instead of a tank they have a little nail or crevice where you put the extract. You can even use a tank with some of those, but like I said the tanks probably won't be worth a damn for anything but high PG (runny) ejuice. The extract specific vaping ones work pretty well for the $30 or so it would cost, I used one for about three months before it hit the skids. Didn't really vaporize, kinda just smoked it. Few pens have dictated heat settings, if they do it's only generally variable and not exact at all. They also gunk up horribly over time, so pick up a few spare coils with it.

Also know that when mixing cannabis extracts with PG in ejuice it will steadily lose potency, if that's your intention. You'd want to make small batches.
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Hi Gator - thanks for the reply and your thoughts. I just ordered a ccell for my wife so we’ll see if the distillates/oil help her more than the edible oils and vaping herb. What does PG stand for? By the way, love your pug plane (doggy drone). Cheers.
No sweat man, PG stands for propylene glycol, it's the more watery fluid that is used as the base liquids in ejuices. Thicker juices will have a higher content of vegetable glycerin (VG), and those thicker juices can have a hard time navigating a lot of pen tanks' fluid passages that allow it to wick to the coil without leaking out of the device's intake air holes. A lot of pen systems have really stiff airflow for this reason, and they would have a hard time with heavy extracted fluids. My point was basically don't plan to wick anything very well, a design with a compartment for herbs and extracts instead of a tank will do you the best.