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Best way to conserve your bud?


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Don't answer the phone...LOL

Pretend you are not home... :)

That's how I conserve mine! haha

Amen. I can conserve but some of my friends seem to be completely incapable of doing it; which makes me run low.

If I were able to get ahold of a large amount of dank I would weigh it out into 1/8s, stick in seperate baggies, and stick them in the freezer and use one baggie at a time. Only having an 1/8 out for use at any given time makes me think I only have a little bit, which forces me to conserve.


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yea i usually buy a 1/2 o and sell 1/2 of that... and then just smoke it till its gone... the only shitty time is when i call to get more and they say no which doesn't happen very often any more but it sure use too!!!

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At one time, I would roll all my pot into joints and then cut the joints into thirds. I called them bullets. I would figure out how many bullets I could consume daily until I could afford to score again. A bullet would fill a small bowl. There were times I weren't partying, but I got stoned everyday.


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i have a dugout too, or thats what i call it
i save so much more weed now
i used to have a quarter for maybe 3 days w/ a bowl


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I also went to my local smoke shop the other dad and rigged together a nice onie bong... I just baught a glass onie that would fit inside my bong and put electrical tape and a pin for a handle... it works great!! best onie ever!!


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Get a vaporizer.

Too true. You get at least 20 hits off the smallest amount when you have the settings right.


wow, moose hasn't chimed in. I wonder when he last thought about conserving. What I like to do is seperate the kief from the bud using a kief box. Smoke the bud and save the kief for latter or for when you want to get really stoned. It spreads the bud a little longer.


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If you're using a bowl or a bong, I recommend solar toking. A bowl lasts much longer this way instead of using a lighter.


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I have a recommendation that I have always done, my friends say it deff helps them. 1. use a bowl 2. after each toke snuff the bowl with something like a pack of papers while holding in the smoke. This method prevents any unnecessary burning of the herb....seriously this will work
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