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Best way to make RSO with minimal smells

Whats the best way to make rso with minimal smells
I have made a tincture before using crock pot express with little or no smells .
But assume 95 % proof alcohol and pressure cooker is not a good mix
so Been watching you tube vids etc and lots of people seem go use rice cookers

Old Salt

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Use a pot still to recover the alcohol. It's the safest method. You can use a pressure cooker as your kettle.

An option to RSO is rosin. Rosin was pretty much unknown when Rick was still in Nova Scotia. This is the route I have chosen, as Everclear is not available here, and I don't want to use the alternatives (isopropanol, methanol, naptha) mentioned in his videos. I could have distilled my own ethanol, but tend to get into trouble with it. I've done it before.
Hi old salts
Thanks for quick reply
Can you elaborate on the the pot still process please
I will look into the rosin as its a option i havnt considered

Old Salt

Member of the Month: Apr 2019
A pot still is a sealed container with a piece of tubing routing the vapor to a condenser. There would be very little work to convert a pressure cooker. Just replace the pressure control weight assembly with an exit to the condenser for the vapor.
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