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Best way to remove Moth eggs from my sticky buds?


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I gotta get more LadyBugs tomorrow, I can't keep the moths away at night, I see eggs all over, the BT appears to be killing the hatched worms, but I just hate seeing the eggs! Any feedback greatly appreciated! Here's the plant today, it is bursting w new growth, even after 2.5 months outside.
Thanks to those that reply!

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have you tried vaccuming them?
i used to use a vaccum all the time to kill fungus gnats. just be careful to manage the suction rate. i normally did this by seperating the hoover pipe from the hoover by half an inch and cupping a hand around the pair, the tighter i close the seal with my hand the more powerful the vaccum becomes. obviously if your sucking leaves off the plant your trying too hard :19:


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Trich just keep doing the BT. If you keep killing the worms eventually there is not much of a moth population around to attack your buds. Sure you may have a random moth come in from very far away, but keep in mind BT kills moths too. If it lands on a plant that was hit with BT then that moth will get all sick and probably not even lay the eggs.

BTW your first pic looks so damn close to how my J-13 looks I almost got scared you were hopping my wall and taking pics of my plants when i was not looking :)


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Make a trip to the local hardware store and but some screen door material, pvc pipe to make a pvc box, and a bug zapper.

Put the bug zapper away from the plants so as to attract and kill the live one.

Make a screen box type cover for the plants.

Get more ladybugs, put them inside the screened box.

I don't know how far the bug zapper should be from the plants, but moths are attracted to bug zappers like crazy.

The screen door material is cheap, walmart sells it at well.

You can use some scrap wood or just make a PVC box and cover it with the screen. Will help with other bugs as well.
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