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Bette Midler cracks up Toronto audience with Canuck jokes

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TORONTO (CP) -- The divine Miss M - Bette Midler herself - was in Toronto
earlier this week to sing and share wisecracks with a packed house at the Air
Canada Centre.

"You Canadians must be so tired hearing all the guff the Americans are throwing
at you," said Midler, who starred in The First Wives Club and her own
show Bette. "It's all your fault - mad cows, the big blackout, William Shatner,
oh my God." Midler seemed particularly amused by the big marijuana bust in
Barrie, Ont., on the weekend.

"Wasn't it so convenient that they were growing it in an old brewery? I think
that's so hilarious. That is so funny. Talk about your one-stop shopping, huh?
I'll have a two-four and a couple of grams right this minute, thank you very

She also poked fun at Toronto's former mayor Mel Lastman for his "Who's WHO?"
comments about the World Health Organization last spring during the SARS
emergency, and joked about the proliferation of gay weddings in Toronto.

Source: Canadian Press
Pubdate: January 14, 2004