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BF LSD Monster Crop


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This a Monster Crop grow from a clone of Barneys Farm LSD, that I grew last fall. I have 5 clones of her sisters at week 8 of 12/12 in the tent now, will harvest this coming week.
This clone was taken in the 33rd day of flower, on 12/26/17.
It went from a little starter box, to a Solo cup, to 3 gallon smart pot and will in a few days move into it new digs in a 10 gallon Smart Pot. Grown under a two foot 6 lamp T5's at present. Will go into the main tent after this weeks harvest and be under two 315W CMH's.

It was the only one of the original 9 that were taken, three of which made it into the Solo's and two of those did not make it.

Did not even look like a cannabis plant while making the hormonal change.

Into the 2 gallon SP

First tie down, going to spread her wide.

She is getting bigger so replanted into 3 gallon an had to tie her lower on the SP,

Made her a temporary screen for tie down.

Here we are today, 13 weeks since she was taken from her mother.

When I re pot her into the 10 gallon I will be replacing the screen to get more coverage area for the plant. Thinking of a 40 inch screen to finish her out on. This will not be a SCrog as I will using the screen just for tie down purposes.

As I mentioned earlier she will be going into a 10 gallon pot in the next few days, not sure how long I am going to veg, at least another month plus, as I will be traveling in mid May. It will probably be right after I return from the trip or I may start her earlier and have a friend keep and eye on her for me. All he will have to do the add pre-made nutes, will have the jugs made up and he will dump them into the rez and pH it solution. Will be running two to three cycles so the rez should not need attention but every 3 to 4 days.

I have counted over 50 branches coming off the main stem, so at least 50 buds sites and that does not include the secondary stems coming off the main branches.

Let see how this big lady will turn out.



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Well, Monday I harvested the 5 plant LSD grow.
Drying room, left side
Right side
Just one of the 83 buds hanging to dry now.

And yesterday I transplanted the LSD Pheno #5 Monster Cropper, from it's 3 gallon Smart Pot to a 10 gallon Smart Pot.
The metal ring inside the pot is to hole the new 36" screen.

After I removed the ties that were hold her to the 24" screen she stood up big time.

Here she is with her new 36" screen.

Top view, will bend and manipulate side branching to fill the center.

I have not built a three outlet manifold yet, but used the cut offs on the old manifold to allow for a three point intake for the distribution ring. The ring has 8 outlets feeding the pot.

These pics were taken three hours ago, and I just closed the tent up for the night and the shoots are already beginning to stand upright. There will be no moving the plant in and out of the tent, it was heavy after transplant to move into the tent, but after a good watering, I ain't gonna try and lift that bitch.


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@Old Salt
Today I will be going to the hardware store to get the materials to build a lazy susan that will sit on rollers and will be set at the width of the channels in my catch tray. This will allow me to roll it back and forth and rotate it 180 degrees to be able to work on the monster.
Photos to follow.


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Starting the Lazy Susan

Water sealed and ready to assemble.

The two channels shown by the arrows, are where the rollers on the bottom of the rectangular board travel. This allows me to pull the plant nearer to me to work on it. And the Lazy Susan allow me to rotate the plant 180 degrees to which allows me to work under and on the top of the screen tying the plant down.

The new three port manifold with lines long enough to rotate the plant 180 degrees.

View from the base of the plant.

The 8 port drip ring in action, still making adjustment as to where I want the solution to land.

This was taken prior to hanging the manifold ring but after tie down of the plant

Have a video of me moving the plant back and forth and rotating it on the lazy susan but don't know how to post a video.

Anyway the plant is in place for good now, that SOB is way to heavy to lift and move around, but the Lazy Susan and the rollers in the groves I should not have too move it at all.

As Oat Willie would say, Onward and Upward through the fog



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Prior to trim and retie down.

After trim and retie down.

Keeping it low

I am amazed at the amount of daily growth, retying plants every other day now. As stated did a minor trim today, mainly fan on newly developed stems, and so small buds along the branches that will end up being larf.
Have been watering daily and about to go to 2X per day. To get runoff I am watering about 6 plus minutes, so I think a morning watering to just a bit of runoff and the second watering in the evening will do a watering to 20 to 30% runoff.
Thinking I should have the screen filled within the next two weeks.



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Here is the above pics were taken on the 14th,
Here is a pic from the morning of the 15th. Bounce back like a champ.

And yesterday we decided to untie it all, do some trimming and retie. Untying the plant made it a lot easier to do the trim work.

After the work I did yesterday, the plant is standing tall, reaching for the lamps. Getting close to filling the screen. May be starting flower sooner that planned.

Keeping the canopy low, along with continue to pruning, requires almost daily maintenance. Preaching to the choir here, LOL

Watering every 12 hours was a little too much, so going to every 18 hours. It is drinking a considerable amount, for 30% runoff at 18 hours it takes about 6 gallons to get runoff again. My DIY irrigation system with the nine nozzles puts about just over 1 gallon per minute, so it takes right at 6 minutes of get saturation and runoff. I split that 6 minutes plus into 3 two minutes cycles about 10 minutes apart, seems to more evenly saturate the Smart Pot.



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These are posted above but just wanted to show the amt of foliage I removed yesterday.
This was on the 15th after recovery for the work done on the 14th.

Same angle of shot but taken a day later , the 16th, after the trim and retie. You can see the difference in the amt of foliage. I took about a gallon of leaf off the plant.

Having the two 315's on her sure makes her grow/grow/grow.



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Getting ready to flip. Here is what has been happening here with this Monster.

On the 22nd we did a heavy trim in prep for flipping, removed everything below the 4th node and I mean striped her damn near naked, LOL

4/20 she is about to fill the screen

4/22 trimmed and tied, note the bent branches that allowed me to fill the center

I believe this is why they call it a Monster Crop. Will have around 35 bud sites when she finishes.

4/23 one day later and she has started to recover, can see how the bent branches fill the center

4/23 most of the plant has lifted toward the lamps.

4/23 side view, good level canopy

4/25 she has lifted to the point it time to tie her down again

4/25 now we can see how the bent branches around the center are filling in

4/26 did not get a chance to tie them down yesterday so did it today, I also move some of the center branches to utilize the space.

4/27 she has filled in fairly well, moved some branches again.

4/28 got her spread well, but need to remove some fans in prep for flip on 4/30

4/28 only removed a portion of the fans, will remove some daily for the next few days then do nothing until day 21 of 12/12. Will still be adjusting branching to best utilize the space.

She is drinking fairly well, it took her about 4 days to begin drinking what she was prior to the heavy trim. Changing water times for flower this week, have been doing three, two minute cycles over an hours time to get runoff. Will be switching to three cycles, 1st 4 minutes at lights on, the 2nd for 3 minutes around 4 hours later. Then 1.5 hours prior to lights off will water to a good runoff. Of course these times will be adjusted as needed to prevent over or under watering. Will eventually be at 4 cycles a day.



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