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BHT's 2nd CFL Soil Grow - White Widow & WWxBB - FFOF - DIY Cabinet


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Bubba's 2nd CFL grow

Howdy again all. Those of you who were following my first grow (see link in signature below) know that I ran into all kinds of snags and ultimately ended up with a failed grow. Both of my previous plants came from Blue Dream bagseed and I'm convinced that bad genetics resulted in 1 dead seedling, 1 male and 1 hermie. This grow is starting with feminized seed, so I'm fairly confident that my results will be much better this time around. So, without further ado, here are the stats on grow #2.

What strain is it? 1x Dinafem White Widow, 1x Femaleseeds White Widow x Big Bud. Both feminized.
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? WW - Sativa dominant hybrid. WWxBB - Indica dominant hybrid.
Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg
If in Veg... For how long? 1 day from seed. (Seedlings)
If in Flower stage... For how long? N/A
Indoor or outdoor? Indoor
Soil or Hydro? Soil
If soil... what is in your mix? MG seed starting mix will be transplanted into FFOF with a bottom layer of aquarium gravel for drainage.
If soil... What size pot? Currently in 16 oz. containers, will transplant to 3 Gallon in a couple weeks.
Size of light? 6x 23W (100W) CFL's @5500K, 9600 lumens for veg. 6x-8x 23W (100W) CFL's @2700K, 9600-12900 lumens for flower.
Is it aircooled? Vortex fax across canopy. Fresh air in through hole in bottom of cab.
Temp of Room/cab? 80-88F lights on. 57-66F lights off.
RH of Room/cab? Average cabinet RH is around 35%
PH of media or res? Run-off is measuring 6.2-6.5PH
Any Pests ? None
How often are you watering? When soil is dry down to 2 inches. Typically every 4-5 days.
Type and strength of ferts used? In veg, using Alaskan Fish Emulsion at 5N-1P-1K after 30 days of soil feeding. Switching to FF Big Bloom + molasses at the flip. Calmag if I see any deficiencies.


Seeds popped in paper towels then went into MG seed starting mix. Watered a bit and covered with bags.

They popped through the soil 48 hours later and have been under 18/6 for a day now. (4x 23W @ 5500K)

As always, comments, questions and critiques are welcome and appreciated. :Namaste:


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Update - 1 week from seed.

Just a quick update. The girls are a week from seed. They were transplanted to their 3 gallon containers with FFOF two days ago and are doing well. Both are just beginning to put out their second set of true leaves.
Lights on: 85F
Lights off: 60F
PH of run-off: 6.4
18/6 time cycle


If anyone is wondering, I planted them off-center on purpose. I'm trying to give the main stalk more room for LST.


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Update - Veg day 10

Just a quick update. Nothing crazy to report. Both plants seem to be doing well. The WWxBB is growing much faster than the Dinafem WW. In fact, the WW may just be a mutant. I've read on some other forums that these free Dinafem WW seeds have a tendency to mutate a bit. The leaves on mine, for lack of a better term, seem kind of "fluffy." They are also much shorter than the WWxBB and the stem is longer and thinner. I'm kind of looking forward to seeing what she turns into!

Here's a couple shots of the ladies on day 10 of veg. (WWxBB on left, Dinafem WW on right.)



I'm aiming for weekly picture updates. Will compile them all into one post when I harvest.


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Update: Veg Day 18

The WWxBB (Just WxB from here on out) is seriously outpacing the White Widow (WW) in terms of growth speed. I think there is a serious genetic mutation on the WW, I've found a few other posts of this seed and the results are similar...they stay very small until about a month old or so, then they take off. Hoping that the mutie turns into something awesome!

WxB is up to 6 nodes, so she got my usual treatment at this stage. Gave her a FIM and started LST. Going to hold off on giving the WW a FIM/LST until her stem thickens up a bit. Still feeding with de-chlorinated H2O every 4-5 days. Still only running 4x 23W 5500K CFL's. Will probably add another light or two over the next week as the WxB grows. Some pics:

WxB on left, WW on right

View from the side

WxB after FIM

WW doing her mutie thing


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Subbed because i like watching plants grow \m/ (^_^) \m/

Howdy Spart, thanks for tagging along! Only a few more weeks of watching the grass grow before they start putting out some flowers.


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Long overdue update - Veg week 3 in this set.

Life has been a bit busy for me the last few weeks, sorry for not posting much. Hopefully I'll be able to get to this journal more frequently. The ladies are doing well. Had some light burn on the WxB in the early growth stages, but all the new growth seems to be lush and green. Still just feeding with de-chlorinated tap water. Temps are averaging a high of 84F and a low of 59F.

Here's some veg week 3 shots.

Week 3, full cab.

WW week 3


WWxBB week 3 (A little light burn in the lower leaves. Didn't see them for 3 days.)


Week 4.5 shots coming right up!


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Update: Veg week 4 and a half.

And here's the shots from today. Veg week 4.5. Will be starting them on 5-1-1 NPK fish fertilizer at their next feeding in a few days. Growth took off a few days ago. They have been growing at a 1.5-2" rate per day for the last few. I also sprouted a feminized Lemon Kush seed for a buddy of mine. It will be grown outdoors starting in about 3 weeks. I'll try to get shots of that one too, whenever I can. Here's the pics:

Week 4.5, full cabinet. (Party cup is the Lemon Kush seedling. WWxBB on left, mutie WW on right.)

WWxBB veg week 4.5

Mutant Ww has really taken off! Veg week 4.5

As usual, coments and questions are always welcome. Keep it green my friends!


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BUBBA!!!!! :3:

Wow have I been missing out. So glad I glanced at your Sig on my Journal!! :3: I am here now and it seems I made it in time for the flip! So that's always exciting ;)

Glad I could make it, the new growth on that BB x WW is absolutely picture perfect, she is a stunner. :3: :3: Keep it up my man, you will be seeing a lot more of me!


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Update: Flower day 3

Howdy all! Again, sorry for being slow on my updates. The weather around here has finally started to warm up, so I've been out enjoying it and also taking care of some repairs around the house.
The ladies have really taken off since my last update. I just switched over to 12/12 this past Saturday, 5/3. Between may last post and this one, the WWxBB ran into some heat/lack of water issues while I was away on a backpacking trip. I fed them the night before I left, and came back four days later to her seriously shriveled and a bit crunchy. I gave her a generous watering and raised my lights up a couple of clicks. A few days later, after some TLC and pruning, she's happy and vibrant again!

The "mutie" WW no longer looks like a mutant. She has really taken off! Outpacing the WW a couple of weeks ago. She's been growing at a rate of about 1" per day since the flip. I've noticed that she seems to drink much more slowly than her sister, WW gets fed about every 5 days, while the WWxBB is more like every 2-3 days.

I've upped the lights in the cab to 6x23W @2700K & 2x23W @5500K. I have room for two more lights, planning to add a couple under the canopy as supplemental lighting once they stretch a bit more. Speaking of under the canopy, I'm torn on lollipopping them. I know CFL's don't penetrate well, and I can see that when I look up through the canopy. But at the same rate, I don't really want to cut them up that bad. Right now, I'm only trimming off any lower fan leaves that are yellowed. Any advice on this is appreciated.

Here's a few cell phone shots. Something went wrong with my DSLR, battery won't charge. So, until I get that sorted, cell phone shots will have to do. I'm also having an issue getting these shots from my phone, could only mange to get 3.

These are after I got back from my trip. The WWxBB was severely wilted and crispy. You can see how sad she looks next to the WW on the left.

Droopy/Crispy WWxBB

Full cab shot from today, about 10 days later.

I'll see if I can get a few more in-between shots off this thing. It's only displaying file names, no thumbnails, which is making the uploading part a little tricky. Gotta love new phones. :\


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My phone is being wonky and won't let me at some of my older pics, so instead here are some more pics from Flower day 3.

Here's the canopy on the WWxBB:

And the WW:

The full tray from the side. Both ladies have responded very well to the LST.

And the full tray canopy shot:

As always, comments and critiques are welcome.


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Update - Flower week 1

The ladies are growing well. Tops are starting to take on more of a flowery appearance. RH has been fairly high since warm weather has moved in, steady around 65%. Feeding FoxFarms Big Bloom at 75% every other watering. H2O + molasses the other feed. May add Tiger Bloom in a week or two, but they seem to be happy with what I'm doing.

WW on left, WWxBB right

Mini forest






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Back from hiatus!

Howdy all! It's been some time since I've posted here on 420 mags forums. Life has been kicking my butt lately! The wife started a new job, my job promoted me (more responsibilities, not much more pay) and due to that, I've been interviewing for a much better job with a huge jump in pay. Oh, and I've been tending to the ladies and snapping some pics along the way.

They just passed the 4 weeks of flowering mark. Starting to see some serious bud development. The white widow is getting fat and frosty. The WW x BB...well, she's a different creature. I've run into a deficiency with her...Potassium I think. Picked up some FF Tiger Bloom to hopefully straighten that out. You'll see in the pics.

Lights are: 8x2700K@23W, 2x5000K@23W
Feeding schedule: 1/2 gallon per plant with 2 tbsp unsulphured molasses, 3-5 days later 100% Fox Farms Big Bloom (16oz.) and 40% (working up to 100%) FF Tiger Bloom. (1/2 gal.)

There's quite a few pics, so I'm going to split them into separate posts. All cell shots. My DSLR is still on the fritz...needs a new battery and/or charger. One more thing on my mile-long to-do list.

So...Without further ado, some pictures!


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Flower week 2-ish

Here's some of the Dinafem White Window (Freebie from Herbies) from somewhere between week 2 and 3.

Branch structure:

WW from the top:


And the FemaleSeeds White Widow x Big Bud:

Branch structure:

Starting to bud:

Some of her tops. 9 total.

Week 3 coming up.


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Flower week 3

Taken at exactly 21 days from the start of 12/12.

In the cabinet:

The girls:


WW in the front, WxB in the background.

Up next, week 3.5-ish.


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Sometime roughly around 25 days.

These were a few quick snaps after a bit of defoil. Started noticing yellowing and brown spots on the WxB around this time. Looks like P deficiency going by the leaf picture chart I found floating around here. I was only feeding Fox Farms Big Bloom every other watering and molasses at the next feed. I just picked up some FF Tiger Bloom which is a 2-8-4 NPK. The Big Bloom is only .01-.3-.7, and is mainly supplemental. Newb mistake. Will probably impact my yield on the WxB. She's kind of stringy compared to the WW.

WWxBB tops:

WW tops:

Some closeups of the WW:

And....week 4.


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Flower week 4 - Day 30

Here's quite a few shots from today. WW isn't thirsty, she'll probably get a feeding of FF TB and BB tomorrow. WxB got a 40% batch (1/2 gal.) of Tiger Bloom since it's her first time getting it and a small (16 oz.) 100% batch of Big Bloom.

I've been cutting off the fan leaves that show any major P def. signs. I'd say I've pruned back the bottom 25%-30% of her leaves due to lack of light or P def.

WW has been growing strong. No signs of deficiency, some leaves lost to lack of light but nothing serious. Still going to give her TB feedings until the flush all the same.

Ladies in the cab. Moved a set of lights down to get under the canopy a bit.

WW starting to frost up:

A couple of WW profile shots:

Another WW bud:

Happy WW buds:

The WW x BB. From the top.

Skinny bud. Hoping to correct the P def. and that she bulks up.

She's a long, lanky one.

Thanks for tuning in. As always, comments and questions are welcome. :Namaste:


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Interesting grow thanks for letting us have a look. I'm growing WW too--week 4 of flower. I'm looking forward to following your plants development--getting near the end now :)
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