BID's Multi Tool All Purpose Universal Consolidated Multiple Grow Journal #10

:high-five: so since i seem to always be testing this product or that thingamajig it struck me it would be nice to have a spot where i can share what im doing in all my adventures, without worrying about talking about a marsII light in a journal about i-gro and that kind of stuff so thats what this journal is about (everything and nothing)
i will randomly cover whats going on in all my tents/projects/experiments etc. this also will not have any real destination thusly no end other than it getting too big (my target for end and start of part 2 is 100 pages) but even that is not for sure.
now about whats going on ?
in the big tent i have setup the budmaster 675-xg , the brand new 4 pot autopot system with 12.5gal res, put in an airstone 14 gal tap water 170ppm added dogget & simpson growology at 75% the recommended dose, and some bzo mykos, dropped in the sensors for the 24/7 nutrient/ph/temp monitor, in the 4 autopots i have a "chow" mix of coco/hydroton/rockwool croutons at the bottom sits the airdomes hooked up to an airpump,
the strains are gsc,grape 13,blue dream and cannatonic (high cbd)

i took clones from all and setup my diy aerocloner dipped the clones in dip n grow, and they are being misted by 8 gal tap water treated with superthrive ,bzo and some rooting hormone stuf i cant remember the name of
i have 1 of the gen 2 igro 270watt lights with a controller set to the clone schedule

in the what is usually my veg tent i have a huge hso sour diesel #2 in a 7 gal smartpot and am working her into a scrog and will lower after she recovers a bit she got some wind and sunburn from me opening her center up and i didnt think about how intense the light would be to all those tender young leaves i may just trim out most of it , i just didnt want to add that shock to her as well, she is looking better every day and will be ready to flower soon,hopefully i can keep up with her water needs she drinks about 3 gal a day!, i will use 2-3 of the new gen 2 igrow leds for flower hope they are enough for her badonkadonk booty

and lastly in the small tent i have the marsII80x5watt /400 light taking care of my grape 13 and bubba og moms thats it right now just 7 plants and a few clones, i will get pics up soon

i will be starting a sponsored journal all about the budmaster/autopot grow/tent soon theres going to be something special and new regarding budmaster honestly im super excited about that reveal should be in the next 2-3 weeks ,for now i will cover that stuff here

thank you for joining me in another legal medical cannabis adventure without you there would be no real reason do do this so thank you all again
oh this is to be a highly relaxed journal dont expect any regimented clockwork updates, do expect random videos and pics when the notion strikes me there will be days i load tons o data and days i just rant about stupid stuff, im sure there will be highs and the dreaded lows but as usual you will get it raw and real and 100% TRANSPARENT! :rocker: thats how my roundness rolls
I will try my best to visit and participate... just remember I disappoint everyone equally :cheesygrinsmiley:
glad to see you all im working of a few pics, im really impressed with the autopots so far i cut and took clones 2 days ago and i cut them by half their height and today they are already just as tall again with great node spacing and getting hella bushy! so nice seeing the budmaster in action again :rocker:

pics.... :lot-o-toke:
a little peepshow
the autopots have a dome inside each pot under the medium with a x of mist line that provides bubbles when you connect an air pump and on the very bottom a root comtrol sheet that stops roots getting into the float valve its a very ingenious system simple and could be done without the airpumps /airdomes for a completely electricity free system but i want the 130% increased growth/yield
i love that i dont have to worry about the girls needing water for weeks i will have to change to flower nutes long before they use the whole res , i went to water yesterday and i only had 3 plants to water and i was done in 5 min!! well i only have 7 right now and 4 are in autopots so yeah not much work for me currently, so rare a situation im loving the autopots so far:rocker:
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