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Big Air Pump

Captain Kronic

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I am currently looking into an air pump for bubbling Earth Juice, I need it to be big/strong enough to aerate 2 or 3 55 Gal. drums.

I have been looking at pond type air pumps... just thought I would check in w/the real peeps and see if anyone has some hands on w/this and what would be recommended.

Thanks much for your time and info... :Namaste:


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Re: Big Air Pump...

i have an old Nebulizer that will blow enough air to scuba dive with :) basically just a dual diaphram air pump. you can buy them from any pharmacy these days

Captain Kronic

Member of the Month: July 2011
Hell yeah, that sounds doable... I also found out that the local (kind of local) petsmart store has a nice aquarium section and in it... they have fatty air pumps w/6 and 8 outlets for about $30 usd.
I am bubbling 55 gals right now w/a dual fish tank pump so... I think one of the bigger ones should be able to bubble 4 barrels as I will need that many at one time later on.

Thanks for the help basementdwell... +rep

Be Irie

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Capt, you might want to think about getting a few pumps to keep the mix circulating in the bottom of the barrels.. I had to add pumps to my 20 gal. cans, to much was settling on the bottom and stirring gets to be a pain in the ass....

Captain Kronic

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I made a couple of halos and punched tiny holes every 1/4", I have them rocked to the bottom of the barrel... do you think that will keep the solids moving or is it your experience that even w/air stones and such that you still need to stir?

PS... I took some pics... check mah thread!

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I got this from a 20 yr grower in RDWC running 76k worth of lights in 3 locations:

1.5 liter air per gal per hour.

So if filled to say 50 gal, you want 75 liter per hour of air or 20 gal per hour.

This also assumes proper nutrient water temp of about 68 degrees. The lower the temp, the more dissolved oxygen.
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