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Big Bang Auto - First Grow

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Hi everyone!;)

I just joined the community as I am on my first grow and looking for advice and suggestions along the way.
From what I read around here it looks like the perfect place to be! Lots of really knowledgeable people!

I am currently on day 29 from germination. I just repotted and I know I have done it too late. A lesson for the future i guess.:p They all were germinated at the same time but 2 of them developed faster than the other 2. The little ones are in one of the pictures together, the big ones I have taken separate photos of.

Before they were moved I used BioBizz Light Mix and no other nutrients whatsoever. Now I am using Gunaokalong complete mix as substrate. It says on the packaging to start feeding after 2 weeks. I ordered specialized nutrients for both veg and flowering and I plan on feeding after these 2 weeks.

I grow for myself so I don't expect a big yield. Mainly I just want to learn as much as I can from this growth because starting this Fall I want to invest in a grow tent and the equipment needed so I can start growing my own buds.

Had a few issues along the way so far. Overwatered at first but luckily I got that handled in time!:p I also switched to bigger pots too late. I will keep that in mind for the future.

I hope you enjoy the pictures!:)

Glad to be here!


With autos you never want to transplant them at any time. Start them in their final pot right away. I would recommend new growers start out with hempy buckets. Impossible to over water, easy to maintain. Then after a successful grow move onto soil or whichever medium you want
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Thanks for the advice man! I will keep that in mind. I plan on getting a grow tent very soon and start growing indoor.
If I start feeding now that I have just put them in fresh soil, wouldn't I risk overfeeding them? Should I just wait for 2 weeks like it says on the packaging and start feeding then?


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Autos are not like photos, so you don't follow those instructions. You should give nutes earlier to autos cause they start flowering at 3 weeks old
in addition to PeytonManning's comment, it's also important to say that autos can be very sensitive to nutrients, i have some grows with autos under my belt and have learned this the hard way lol
i strongly advice to wait for 2 weeks (from seed) and start feeding them at 1/4 strenght nutrients, and go from there.
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Great! I'll do just that!;)

I guess I forgot to mention that I am growing them on my balconies. Moving them once a day so they get as much sun as possible.

I will try and post updates as often as relevant and useful.

Thanks for the advice!:)

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Hi man!;)

I used BioBizz Light Mix before moving them to the bigger pots. Now I am using Guanokalong Complete Mix.
The 2 bigger plants are in 12L pots and the smaller ones in 6L pots. Hopefully these will do until their cycle ends.
The amount of sun they get daily depends on the weather mostly. Most of the time they get 6+ hours per day.

One of the smaller plants developed a deficiency I think. The top leaves are deformed. Other than that they look very healthy. The downside is that I dropped my phone today while getting out of the car and smashed the display... so no pictures for a while :(

I will get it fixed ASAP and I will post some new photos. They have grown massive over the course of this weekend.:)

Have a great day!;)


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One of the smaller plants developed a deficiency I think. The top leaves are deformed.
sometimes Curled and twisted leaves are evidence of a Ph problem, have you checked that out? you need to adjust your water pH to 6.5, and check the pH of your run off water, it should not vary much

The downside is that I dropped my phone today while getting out of the car and smashed the display... so no pictures for a while :(
i have been there brother :( hope you can fix it cheaply
will be impatient to see some pics soon!
have a great high day friend :439:
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I don't have anything to measure the PH with... I checked the local flower shops but without any luck. I'm gonna have to order the tools online. I hope it won't be too late for the plant when they arrive. I also find it interesting that none of the other plants are showing any similar symptoms. Soil is the same, watered all of them at the same time etc. Anyway thanks for the tip!;)

And about the phone... what can I say?! Whenever I get a new phone the bad luck factor kicks in and messes everything up! I loved that Z2, especially the camera on it... well, hopefully I can get it fixed this week.

Have a holly jolly day brother!;)

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By looking at them today I realized that the affected leaves I was talking about are older ones. None of the more recent ones show any signs of deficiencies whatsoever. I am guessing that the new soil solved the problem. Hopefully I am right and they are as healthy as they look.

Going to fix the phone very soon and then the photos will come too!:D



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some lovely healthy little ladies you have there T ..

welcome to :420:

gotta love a soil grow !.

looks like a nice sunny spot you have there.... as said,go easy on the nutes in the early stages.let em get established,then the nutes can come and join the :party: :laugh2::laugh2::laugh2:

im all organic too...best of luck..

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Thanks a lot man! As I am on my first grow I wanted to keep it simple and get my feet wet so to speak.;)
Been planning and researching for a pretty long time. I still get so excited just looking at them. Checked out your first grow! Big congrats on that!:) I would be over the moon if I would get a 40g stash out of my 4 ladies!:D
The weather is pretty nice where I live. Fall is settling in but they love the cool of the night so they are still ok outside. Still moving them once a day so they get a lot of light. At some point I will take them in when it gets too cold. 3 of them are showing white hairs now. Can't wait to see the nugs forming!

Thanks for the advice and for checking them out!:) Can't wait to show you some pics!

Have a great day mate!;)

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they weren't in flowering yet. White hairs just started appearing 3 days ago. Anyway that amount sounds awesome!:D


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hey guys!;)

Got my hands on a replacement phone and thought it was time for some photos.

Let me know what you keen-eyed guys think!:) You can observe the deformed leaves I was talking about in one of the pics.

Have a great day!;)