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Big Bomb Auto Fem

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Grow Space: 2.5ft x 2.5ft
Light: 400w Vipaspectra
Medium: 20% perlite - 40% coco coir - 20% compost - 20% regular soil
Pot size: 3gal
Nutrients: 50% regular grow (seriously, don't be a hero with the nutes)
Problems: Humidity (tranistioning seasons) & Gnats (take them serious in the seedling stage)

Plant your seed in its final pot (inside a jiffy pot for moisture retention) and leave it alone!

Eventually you need to lean her over and let her branches go for gold.

A week later.

A week later.

A week later.

When it comes to autoflowers...sit down, be humble (with the water, nutes and lights).

Three weeks left. I'll keep ya'll updated.

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I've raised the plants (with only a few weeks to go it was much simpler to lift the pots than lowering the lights. Also, I have 3 seedlings around the pot that need to be as far away from the veg/bloom lights as possible) and now the crowns sit approx. 12" away from the led panel. I also installed a basic screen in anticipation to anchor any and all dense buds, as they are really starting to swell now.

Here are a few shots of the two top colas.

(One week ago)


Amazing the difference a week makes. The changes are subtle but everyday a nugget on the top part of the main stem begins or continues to swell.

This is the cola from the other plant, keeping in mind they were planted at the same time and kept in the same environmental conditions. Clearly not as advanced as its sibling.

(One week ago)


Because I had a huge problem with gnats at the beginning of the grow (did not take the threat serious enough, forgot that autoflowers are on borrowed time and have no chance of recovering once flowering begins) the plants aren't as big as they probably should be. I'm expected to pull atleast 1oz from the two. However, still a few weeks left and if the Big Bomb strain is known for anything its that the last few weeks are the most important in terms of yield.

Apologies for the blurry images, the led spectrum distorts the light when captured on film.

Any and all questions or advice are welcome. Will keep you updated in the meantime. :thumb:
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Well, its with great regret that one of my plants had to be chopped early to make room for the next and final grow for the season. Fortunately there was room for the remaining plant as she was far too immature to be chopped and would have left me with a racy high and plenty of headaches. Her sibling, though far from harvest is being enjoyed.

Great flavour, pleasant creeping and lingering head high with a serious case of the munchies (be warned!). The Big Bomb strain is great for my needs, minus the appetite. I'm sleeping much better, thinking a lot clearer and my anxiety is at an all time low. It is a very social high with mild paranoia if you have too much. Although I could've harvested plenty more had I the space to let her grow longer I would've reaped more than the petty ounce I got from her.

Here some shots of the remaining plant. She has less than 10 days in her and has doubled in density in the last 2 weeks.


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Hope all is well in your world.

Is this grow still alive?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info.

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I am moving this to Abandoned Journals until we get updates.

Sending you lots of love and positive energy.