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"Big Bud" New Grow


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Im going to be a new grower here pretty soon and Ive researched quite a bit so I can somewat know wat Im talking about but I still have loads of ?'s. My first question is I heard amsterdam marijuana seeds is a very good online store to buy from and after looking at all the buds, I came to the conclusion that "Big Bud" was the most intruiging seeds that wasnt all exspensive. Anybody have any knowledge about "Big Bud" seeds or would recomend any other seed for a new grower. Plus if anybody can recomend the best growing dvd for a new grower
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how much was the big bud? its pretty good! im sure youd be happy enough with that..

least expensive ones youll find on dope-seeds.com are from Growdoc, Mandala or Tiki. Barneys is well priced considering thier quality.

might want to check out the auctions!
and its a little cheaper going that way, can get better genetics for less.
(if you are in serious need of a bargain possible to get some dank strains for 30 bucks)

the seed shop sites are more convenient though..
dont have to bid for 3 days and send a payment through snail mail and then wait and wait.
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