Big Buddha Cheese: Part Deux


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OK, today starts the cloning process. Not really sure what I am doing but here goes.
Here is the cloner in operation, will begin taking clones soon.




So, 14 Big Buddha Cheese Pheno #3, 10 - Pheno #5 and 10 - Pheno #2
20 seconds every 3 minutes to start with.

The cloning compound does not stay on the clones very long. I guess it gets into the rez solution and supplies the acid that way. Will be checking pH regularly to make sure the solution does not get out of wack with the cloning compound in it.
OK, everything is harvested, drying and I am already bored. So playing with my next setup, a 24 plant SOG. One gallon Smart Pots with coco.
Have plants hanging in the tent and have not cleaned up from last grow yet, but here is what I think it will look like.


I will try a more compact area as I will be running two 315W with reflectors in a horizontal grow. Thinking I will play with light placement to get the best coverage.
Getting next grow ready.
Clones taken from the mothers on Jan 1, put in the new DIY EZ Cloner, have never done this before so a big learning experience. I have three different pheno's of the Cheese from last grow, #'s 3/14, 5/10, and 2/10, so 34 plants in all and will choose the the 24 I will use for this grow. I selected these three pheno's as their grow traits were very similar. In flower the were all about the same height and bulk.

Irrigation ready, tried the Rainbird emitters like I used last grow, but my pump only does 1.2 gpm so was not enough volume. Switched to 2 gph pressure compensating drippers, going to take some time to adjust but think it will be ok

The clones started swelling on 1/11 and here we are 5 days later. 33 of the 34 have rooted, expect the other by tomorrow.

Getting the Smart Pots ready, 3 pounds of coco in each pot. And the pots set up to get the initial flush with 6 gallons tap water and 20 gallons of rain water, will add Cal/Magic and very reduced amt of Rapid Start.

Unsure when I will transplant from the cloner to the pots, again this is a learning experience so reading and getting advice from growers who have done the clone thing and SOG before.
I need to get these planted, give them a couple of weeks to take off and put them into flower. Have a trip planned in about three months and want to harvest prior to the trip.
Let's rock this place!

1/14 thur 1/17

20190114_150446.jpg20190115_115443 (3).jpg20190116_085326.jpg20190117_202915.jpg

Hope to transplant this weekend or Monday at the latest.
This all started on 1/1/19, I just consolidated this into a journal.
Looking like only three have not taken root. I can live with that, 91%.

So over the next couple of days I will select which ones will be going into the tent. Hoping to get a representation of all three pheno's but will chose the best of the best for the tent. I will put the remaining clones in Solo's, get them rooted and give them to my PTSD group and a few to the buddy that I've been teaching how to grow.
Day 16 through 18.
20190116_202945 (2).jpg 20190117_202919 (2).jpg20190118_082744 (2).jpg

Really enjoy seeing the growth from one day to the next. Cloning is almost as much fun as growing, now I did say almost, :)

:yummy: :passitleft:
Yep it looks like I will be transplanting tomorrow.
I added 15 gallons or rain water to the tank and put the aquarium water in there, the temp of the water was 63 degrees so by the time I get ready to transplant it should be around 75 degrees. Will add the nutes this morning to allow them to stabilize for a day prior to pH'ing.
20190119_095126 (2).jpg
Thanks Pen,
This will be a fun one, I think. Could be a hell of a mess, LOL
I have a shit load of question about this method of growing.
You have grown this way before, need to go back over your journal pick up some pointers.
From the cloner into the Smart Pots, only 6 hrs, now a big bowl and some relaxing. The plants have done a lot since the first started showing swelling along the stems. Roots did not begin to show until the 14th but they took off well on the 16th, here they are out of the cloner and about to go into the smart pots.

20190120_095518 (2).jpg

20190120_102152 (2).jpg20190120_102729 (2).jpg20190120_104045 (2).jpg20190120_100617 (2).jpg

Finished and irrigation hooked up.
20190120_125702 (2).jpg

Used Great White in the planting process, both dry, sprinkled in the holes and added to the 0.9 EC solution to water just the area where the plant is located in the pot. Then after I got everything in the tent I hand watered all the pots entirely with the 0.9 solution, but added both Great White and SubCulture II and watered to a heavy runoff.

Here are the remaining clones in the Solo's. These will go to my PTSD group.
20190120_142408 (2).jpg

Now two to three weeks and we will begin flower. Let's see how it goes.

Thanks Pen, I am hoping that putting the 315W on them right away will be ok, I have it at 36" with the fan blowing across the canopy. I think it will be ok, I will wait a couple of days the add the second 315W then give them a few days before I lower the lamps a foot or so.
I know I am rushing things a bit but I think all will be well.

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