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...Good day to all.. This will be my second attempt at starting a journal on this site.. I am Always in need of advice, and my BIL Hacker says that I need to be more modern in my approaches to every day question asking and problem solving.. Once again this year he has come to save my ass, and grow, but is increasingly less patient than last year.. I am not what one would call computer savvy, however even though it may take me a while to hunt and peck my posts or responses and etc.. I will try to post more and use this site for the tool that it is.. There are many great growers on this site, and Hacker suggests that i find a few that are in a similar growing situation as I am.. ..
... Any one who follows Hacker on here knows what my grow looked like before he came back, which was pathetic, and what it looks like now.. He is so fucking good at this it makes me sick, and I have trouble with our communications about growing because I am very inexperienced. He does show patience and restraint, but he is not interested any longer in growing cannabis as it pertains to regular usage and he makes that VERY CLEAR every day.... He is taking online and college courses in Botany now and is moving on into breeding and more advanced studies involving cannabis.. He has gotten my grow back on track, but last year He did most of the growing, and I should have paid a lot more attention in a lot of areas.. That being said he is one of the most aggressive, knowledgeable, detail oriented cannabis growers I know or ever will know. So professionally oriented keeping journals both in notebooks and on this site.. Crazy.... All kinds of recipes and formulas, enough to make my head spin for sure..I live in recreation legal state, and know a lot of good growers.. They all come to Hacker for advice and clones and such.. But since he was gone, they came to me and I really couldn't help them.. They stopped coming around, Until Hacker got back.. Now they are here at least a couple of times a week.....
... So enough about that, more about me... I am an older, but new grower.. I am in my second year, with one harvest with Hacker last year under my belt.. After a long year and harvest last year I have decided to start my grow outdoors, then finish it completely indoors under 12/12 Quantum LED boards and a couple of Timber Cobs... Hacker has gotten me really set up with the right equipment, and we are now in the final stages of my new Perpetual Grow room build.. It is approximately 8x10 with 10 foot ceiling/roof peak.. It is as of now insulated mostly with r-19 and r-13 wall and floor insulation. It will be sealed with Plastic sheeting twice, then some form of cheap 4x8 particle board sealed with White Sealant Paint.. This should not only brighten the room up, but really be Super easy to control temperature and Humidity... As far as lights go I have 8 each 2 foot x six inch quantum led's and two each Timber 4 light cobs as well as some misc. others for fillers.. Plenty of light for sure... I have all the fans I need, with no need to carbon vent...
... So for now I will end with just saying thanks for stopping by and I look forward to picking brains and such...


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... Sup man, didn't know you had gotten this going already.. My bad... Here are those Pages you wanted.... Green days Bro...

big bud fan65

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Hey thanks bro, just missed you earlier... I am sure you gonna post some pics on your thread, but I am giving it the ol' 2 to 3 times a week post..
... Good afternoon everyone, or anyone at this point... I took some pictures today of my girls, and this will be my first honest attempt at doing an informative and open dialog thread.. Others who follow may feel absolutely free to discuss most anything on here, because I know almost nothing.. LOL .. I want to have fun, and will take all suggestions, pointers, or general comments that are made in a friendly manner.. I am not the most computer savvy person, and this is also a learning task for me.. Be patient, and I know you all have lives.. Please live em, and just check in at your convenience. Especially if you are the teaching type by nature who has something to say, or just somebody who made a mistake where I am about to... It all matters to me...
.. Here are some all around pics of some plants you have been seeing before.. I have a better camera than Hacker, but less skill in picture taking to capture the view I want to present.. I know about blurple, F in Hippies, LOL, and will try to use natural lighting when possible..

.. First all the Mainline plants ??




... Next all my Quaded plants....






Thank you all for your help and knowledge, and I hope you enjoy ...
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