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This is the ending of my first summer outdoor grow. It is in fact my first of any serious grow. I bought seeds for the first time in my life. I grew a plant or 2 in the 70's when bags came with so many seeds but who knew what they were? I had a very good summer with the plants I grew. I germinated all, grew all in organic soil, outdoors and followed my book on the soil mix. I really didn't use all of the fancy fertilizers because they are hard to find here in Hawaii. I used bat guano, worm castings and rose plant food. I kept it simple. I bought Blueberry seeds and Big Bud seeds from Amsterdam. I grew 3 of each and gave 1 of each to my brother. I will be saving the rest of them for next years summer grow. Don't want to waste them on a short grow. Yes, even in Hawaii, we have long and short seasons. Tall plants in the summer March-October and short hash looking plants in the fall/winter, Nov.- Feb.
I had a blast, learned a lot, made a few friends, got hooked on 420 Mag and yeilded about 3 lbs, of the best looking,smelling tasting and stonest plants I could have ever hoped for. Thank You to all and much Mahalo to 420 Mag. and Amsterdam seeds. ALOHA

JJ Bones

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Awesome man, congrats on finishing your first legit grow. Cannabis isn't addicting but grower her sure is!

Hope to see many more results from you in the future ;)


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Thank You JJ,
Yes, growing is addicting. Now that the serious grow is done, I can now experiment with other methods. I have some extra questionable seeds I can use. Who knows I may come out with something different. It's play time now. lol. Much Mahalo and I will be reading you around. Keep it Green. Aloha


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Much Mahalo Gam3R for your kind words. I had fine time learning and meeting people during my first grow. Who knew I would get to meet so many nice, knowlegeable people and grow MMJ all at the same time. What a country. You take care and " Keep It Green".
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