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Big mama going strong


This the point where Little girl stopped flowering. Looks like big mama and her sister are still going strong. No brown inside the buds , a little fertalizer burn on some leaves , but I backed off on nutes for a while. Drinking almost 4 gallins of water each per day. I only water when the soil is damp inside and dry on top. 4 times a day I put a gallon on each plant by morning its used up. Thought these were Indica...leaves changed looking like sativa anyones guess. Oct 31 is 90 days of flowering. I read a lot of y'alls posts , your issues and solutions some of you all are growing alien looking shit I can't wait to grow. Not there yet but here's some pics. Need bigger containers next time round. Got some seriously thick tree trunks which will help support all that green gold. Just a bit much for a 3 gallon or so container. Did not anticipate this ammount of heigh. Everything prior got barely over 2 ft and popsicle popsicle buds. Never know what you will get with bag seeds.


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