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Big Problem any suggestion appreciated

Stl Bud

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Alright well I got my two upper wisdom teeth takin out monday. So glad it wasn't all four but they did give me 500 vicodin but i'm used to puffin every day and to stop for three days (post-op suggestion from the doc) would suck but it is do-able. but being stupid i smoked right after the op with guaze in my mouth and it was cool but i started searching why they say don't smoke and all this shit about dry sockets and the sucking-motion you get from smoking and the heat of the smoke and the bud makes your bloodclot not form and can cause dry-sockets and they say that's the most painful experience you can have in your mouth. but my bleeding hasn't stopped yet (been 3 days) it's just a tiny bit but it hasn't stopped and i got it to stop last night and i smoked today and it started bleeding again just a little bit and im freakin out im gonna blow that clot, i'm an 18 y/o male and that means i have lowest possible risk of gettin it but im still freakin out cuz i wanna smoke so bad, i just picked up a quad of this fuckin heat, some super skunk and that's what i need to help the pain, 500 vics don't do much i need the 750's but if any of yall have read all the way to hear i appreciate it and i appreciate any info you send back, thanks


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i think you'll be alright. maybe you could make brownies or something if you're really worried about it

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Mate, don't risk a dry socket. You only have a day at the most before your gums settle down. I would suggest until then that you keep you mouth moist and gargle with antiseptic mouthwash immediately after smoking. When you smoke weed it dries your mouth out and seriously delays healing. Just think of how much better the super skunk is going to tasts if you wait.


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Dry sockets are lot more common in the lower jaw, but still possible in the upper. When I got my wisdom teeth out (all 4), I didn't smoke till way later that night, and when I did, it was real small baby hits (and kept on with those for 3 or 4 days after), and I never had a problem.

But really, man, if you're worried about it, just don't smoke. Cook up from edibles or pop a couple vicodin instead. You're comming up on when you would notice the dry socket. if you pass day 4 and you're not noticing an increase in pain, you should be good.

Stl Bud

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thanks for all the feedback so quick, Stoney Mama, that's a great idea, i used to do that with hookah just for fun and Dunlap, that's really good to know and I think you and Smokin Moose are right and i think i should just wait till tommorow and see how it goes, i hide my bud in my ceiling in my basement and even a quad stinks up the room, it's rediculous, it's like it's calling me haha but yeah thanks again for all the feedback hopefully i can stay away from puffin this gorgeous ganja. and if yall were here with me now i'd smoke you out hard becuase thats what stoners do....share the love!! thanks again everybody


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i got dry socket in all four holes after getting my wisdom teeth removed. it was one of only a couple times i can remember in my life thinking i'd rather die than experience that kind of pain. just don't smoke and laugh that you were smarter than i was.


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yep, i smoked too, and got a dry socket in the lower right. It was pretty damn painful, but what was more painful was the medicated strip that was about six inches by 1 inch that they shoved into the socket to get it to heal up.
I was sitting in that chair, just gripping the arms so hard... it felt like forever. and it hurts like twice as bad as normal for about an hour, then it's numb and it's all good.
Oh yea, you say you want 750 vics? take one and a half of another, friend! then drink a beer or two if you really wanna take the edge off


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When I got my wisdom teeth removed, my bf at the time blew me mj shakes...

He frosted a glass in the freezer, then slowly blew a shotgun into the bottom of the glass and I was able to gently tip the glass up and slowly draw the smoke in. ;)

LOL. . . used to do this for parties. . . pretty cool. . .

anyway, I've had a couple teeth pulled, I couldn't not smoke either. . .lol if your not uncomfortable eating, maybe you should try some edibles. . . firecrackers are pretty quick and easy. . . there are plenty of others you can try too. . hope you heal up quick man. . .good luck:peace:
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