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BigBuddHauk 37 Litre AirPots With Coco - First Indoor Grow - 2012


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Hi All Welcome To My First Indoor Grow. 5xBig Buddha Cheese, 1xGrapefruit, 3xBlue Cheese. All From Clones Big Buddha Cheese and Grapefruit 3Weeks Old Kept Under T5 Light Untill Blue Cheese Clones Turn up. Blue Cheese Expected Next Couple Days. All Advice Welcomed
2.4m x 1.2m x 2m High Reflective Mylar Grow Tent
PowerPlant Lumatek Dimmable Electronic Ballast (600W, 240V)
PowerPlant Lumatek Aero Wing Light Reflecter
PowerPlant MH SUPERVEG 600W Grow Lamp
Primair Combined Temperature and Twin Fan Speed Controller
Systemair RVK 150E2-A1 Out Fan
Horti Filter 150mm Organic Compound Air/Carbon Filter
8x 37Litre Superoots Airpots
8x Air Domes
Hailea Super Silent Adjustable 8way Air Pump (ACO-9630)
300L Canna Coco Professional Plus+
50L Hydroton Expanded Clay Balls

Pictures of Set-up to Follow After Finding USB Lead For Camera :).
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