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Bigbudzzz420's Ethos Genetics Citral Glue LED Grow


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Welcome everyone!
This round we will be growing Citral Glue by Ethos Genetics
*4x4 tent
*1, 4 inch exhaust
*No intake yet
*Advanced Nutrients full line
*600 watt meizhi LED to start the first 3 weeks under , then we will move to the 2nd tent running 2 California Light works solar storm 550s
*Promix hp cc mycohorizae
*We will start in 1 gallon pots and move to 5 gallon pots to finish

A little info on the strain we will be growing-

The Ethos Collective - Citral Glue

Gorilla Glue #4 x Citral Skunk


THC: 24-30%

Flower Cycle: 60-70 days

Yield: Heavy

6 feminized seeds per pack

Massive flavors and resin drenched flowers. A mellow sativa leaning hybrid that leaves you feeling social and euphoric and prone to bouts of spontaneous laughter.


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