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BiggBudd - DWC - White Widow - First Grow

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Yesterday, i started my first grow. Put my 3 WW seeds in a cup of ph'd water, and later that evening when i completed my res i put them into rockwool i had soaking. Came home today and they have all Popped their seeds and have their first root peaking out. I have one 60watt cfl currently just to get them started. Im on a budget most of the time, so supplies will be cheap. I am growing in my closet and will build a small tent in it. I am growing with MG the kind you dissolve into the water. I plan to get better nutes when i get to flowering. I've seem great things with MG, and only seen alot of shit talking against it with no proof, so hey, might as well give it a try. I will be posting pictures each step of the way, and any tips or advice is much obliged. I will post pics of my current setup. Have it in my kitchen right now, as im germinating and i wanna keep a close watch. I know average to little amounts about pruning and topping and various other things, so any advice is appreciated with my first grow. Thanks to any and all help before hand! My seeds were 3 WW feminized.
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Well, my girlfriends cat ate my 2 sprouts, and I have one seedling that has still only sprouted a small root. Hopefully I can keep this one alive and maybe pull clones later on dowb the road.
MG does work but not to the level of other nutes. I would advise staying away from MG for your first time if you can. A 2 or 3 part ( micro grow bloom) is best . This allows you to change up your nutes through the stages of growth, depending on your plants needs. This experience will come in time. I recommend picking a good brand and sticking with it once you can, and learn how it works with your plants and system. Keep a log and keep asking around here. I personally used MG once when I started and will never go back. Now I use advanced nutes and have full control over my plants food. Your setup looks good tho and we are all happy to help out.
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Thanks for the tips, now that I've been delayed until I get more seeds, I'm going to look into stocking up on some better nutes then ol mg. Thanks again, hopefully I can get this last seed to make it.
Just take good care of her and clone the hell out of it. I personally love ww and have had such good plants with that strain. Pop into a local grow store and ask about nutes. They always have good options at all price ranges and can offer you a good feeding schedule for those nutes. Being your first grow and that u have it in Hydro will be a learning curve for sure so don't be surprised if you encounter a few problems on the way. Every system and set up has its own characteristics and issues you will need to over come. It's all part of the fun tho :)