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Bigger Marijuana Buffer Zone Draws Support From Religious, Education Leaders


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The Diocese of Colorado Springs, Colorado College, the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and Cheyenne Mountain School District are lending their names to a proposed 1,000-foot buffer zone between medical marijuana businesses and schools and religious facilities.

They all wrote letters in support of the proposed 1,000-foot spacing requirement after Janet Suthers, a member of the city’s Planning Commission, called them or sent them an e-mail urging them to express their views on proposed medical marijuana zoning regulations before today’s commission meeting.

The city’s proposed ordinance calls for a 400-foot buffer zone, but in an e-mail to religious leaders, Suthers said the 1,000-foot requirement was an “alternative proposal.”
The planning commission meeting is underway at the Pikes Peak Regional Development Center, 2880 International Circle.

“The Diocese is concerned that because several of our churches operate pre-schools and K-8 elementary schools, and all of our churches offer religious education for children of all ages, any lesser spacing requirement would adversely affect the religious mission of our parishes and schools,” the Rev. Monsignor Robert Jaeger said in a letter to the commission on behalf of Bishop Michael Sheridan.

Three Cheyenne Mountain School District superintendents – Walter Cooper, Nicholas Gledich and Mark Hatchell – also said they favor a 1,000-foot buffer zone.

“We are advocating for this restriction not based on an arbitrary standard, but on the standard set in the Safe and Drug Free Schools and Communities Act that has been in place, and has served us very well, since 1994,” they wrote.

Suthers is the school district’s former board president.

UCCS Chancellor Pamela Shockley-Zalabak and Colorado College President Richard Celeste wrote a joint letter.

“We would respectfully request that the city zoning regulations also provide for minimum distances from property owned by colleges and universities in the city, and that this minimum distance be increased to 1,000 feet for any educational establishments,” they wrote. “This is the standard adopted by the City of Boulder and we believe should be adopted by the City of Colorado Springs.”

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I know these are not Catholics talking about buffer zones because of weed......seriously then the schools need a 100 mile buffer zone from Catholic curches....why do we let these kind of people make decisions for us or be involved in the process at all?

They want to stick with a nearly 20 year old policy we have learned a shit ton since 1994 about cannabis this is ignorance plane and simple.

Our god could never make a mistake he's perfect MAYBE ITS NOT A MISTAKE IDIOTS you don't even listen to your own shit that's why religion is soooooo fucking funny to me. They want to preach when they think it doesn't apply to them and ignore the same book they put so much faith in WHY ?..Control plain and simple!

On one hand god makes no mistakes but weed is bad WHATEVER....shit meth is safer for you than being around Catholics they have some nerve telling anyone where to put anything.

What if I'm wrong shit.....what if your wrong"smoke on that for a minute" I don't need a book to tell me how to treat people or to not kill or steal how deep.....Stephen Hawking said it well I thought , "God may or may not exist but science can explain the universe without God". A lot of the more practiced religions cannot deal with Humans as animals or evolved primates they must be superior no matter how silly we know it is. We share over 98% of our DNA with chimpanzees what part of that is not clear in fact all animals share some LARGE sequences with us. God created all humans and animals ok why is that not still possible within the framework of evolution. To me evolution is WAY more fascinating and miraculous but NOPE didn't happen that way...Eve was made from a mans rib ahhh sounds like peyote or ergot poisoning to me or crazy.
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Think of all the sweet bud you could grow in vacated catholic churches after the pedophile free zoning laws cause the priests to have to flee the country.


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Now your are speaking my language the sloped roofs are good for collecting rain water for my ladies....get rid of all the creepy stained glass and let some light in....Hold on I'm obviously getting too high!:)


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And who here has blacked out from pot...not saying it can't happen I've caused at least 2 or 3 but hey it ain't for everyone...but you live you don't blackout, pass out go to sleep maybe, eat a snack probably but hurt someone besides yourself 99.999999 of the time HELL NO.

The only thing fucking with me is you....the so called public servants.
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