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Biggest buds you've ever grown


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I was looking at some pictures of my past grows, reminiscing, and I saw the largest buds I've ever grown. It was Hashberry (Mandala Seeds). I only did one grow. The colas were huge, but the high was not what I wanted.

So, what was your personal biggest bud?

Here is a picture of Hashberry:


It isn't easy to tell just how big she is. I should have done more pics!
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I love it when the cola is too big to stand on its own! Mmmmmm.
Racefan's pic reminds me of the ones BOG used to post.

Good ole Bushy Old Grower huh? I'll take that as a "HUGE" compliment. BOG is a great grower! Very knowledgeable. I've shared a few PM's with BOG over the years. Mostly from me asking permission to repost some of his postings! :3:

Buds so big they can't stand up! That's definately "heavy" smoke.:19:
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