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Biggest Genetic Contribution


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I look at Cannabis from many different perspectives, one of which is from the scientist in me. Genetics fascinate me but as I research all the different strains available and there linage/family tree. I wonder first how much data is correct, but right now as I develop my own pool of genetics the big debate that roars in my head is what strains have had the biggest impact in the last 100 years to the worlds current Gene pool of cannabis. Please share I'm very interested to hear from the growing community and not just whats published in a book. Me personally with only 2 crosses under my belt and it was of different phenos of afgani I really like. 1 big reason is its pre disposition to show purples and blues when exposed to colder temps. Anyone else have a thought on biggest contribution to modern day cannabis plants.

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Well... in my research, I have found that strains like White Widow and Haze' are everywhere... look at how many strains are connected w/just these 2 strains.
I'm not near sure of the number of strains produced by these 2 but, I bet it's upward of a hundred or more strains!


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Good subject for discussion, I will try to contribute. :)

I think I am leaning towards Afgan as well.
I try to look at your question like this, untill the rampant cross breeding that growers have done over the last 25 years, there were only a few main types. Each region of the world naturally produced it's own main genetic structure. Each region would have a few variations of that genetic make up. Some that come to mind are Afgan, Thia, Columbian*, Mexican, Skunk, etc. It seems to me that Afgan plays a role in alot of the top breeds. It might be more stable geneticly and more resiliant allowing for more genetic manipulation just like others might be less stable and not able to be crossed with as many others.
Just my 2 cents.



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I totally agree on the Afghani, Original Skunk #1, Mexican, and White Widows seem to be at the root of a lot of strains. Northern Lights is also up there having it's fingers in a lot of genetic pies. :smokin2:


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So I wonder what was the first pheno called when it was pulled from the landrace crop?? for Afagan weed ? Which I think adds alot to our pool of breeding genetics.


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A few questions for the muddy water of genetics. Knowing that Kush is a region of the world that is in part of Afghanistan and Pakistan, and it has produced some amazing breeding genetics. So my question is all Afghan/Pakistan cannabis Kush, or is all Kush cannabis Afghan/Pakistan? Also from what I can dig up, Northern Lights is just an Afghanistan Pheno. Let me rephrase that Northen Lights is an awesome pheno of Afghanistan cannabis. Are the landrace strains in these regions cousins to Kush? I had a very nice smoke last night before bed it was a sweet n sour kush


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Cannabis Indica was the main medical species until the 1930's in the States,when medical use was banned. Mexican and Jamaican cannabis which had dominated the underground market up until that time,became essentially the dominant strains by default,post- MJ prohibition. However,Jamaican ganja of that time through the late 70's,had a sizable amount of Indica in it's parentage,as it was brought to the island by East Indian laborers in the late 1830's. In the late 70's much of Jamaican's genetics were overwhelmed by the wave of potent Colombian's that both growers there and in the eastern US started to use for seed stock.

Mexican weeds,however were the basis for the first good strains in the US from the 30's on. Oaxacan genetics seemed to adapt well to the States. Everyone used Oaxacan at one time or another. The first Purple strains cam from a Mexican strain known as Zacatecas Purple in the late 50's/early 60's. Damned fine weed.

East Asian genetics moved to the States from servicemen stationed in the region post-WWII. The first East Asian strain I clearly recall coming back was Burmese from Airmen serving in Thailand,in the mid-60's. That was followed by Vietnamese,Thai,S.Korean,Laotian,Phillipine, etc...... landrace strains.

The first Indica I ever saw was Jamaican Black Ganja around '72. It became a common part of the genetics of lot of the strains in the S.E. USA. I understand from my Cali friends,the Brotherhood of Eternal Love was bringing back Afghani seed as part of their hash smuggling activities out of that country about that time or slightly earlier.

BTW,don't underestimate the impact of Peace Corp workers going out around the world from '63/'64 on. They brought back Malawi Gold among many other obscure strains from the literal middle of nowhere.

Backpacking hippies were flocking to Nepal and India from '67 on. Nepal didn't outlaw ganja and hash until '74,so it was hippie central. So was Morocco in that time period and beyond.

A lot of good hash was produced in Greece,Turkey,Syria,and Lebanon for millenia. There was a notorious strain of Greek weed in the 60's and 70's,that I can't recall the name of just now. However I know our European brethern were traveling to these hash regions. I'm certain they brought seed home with them. Europeans were pioneers in bringing West and South African to the world in the 60's. Who do you think brought Durban Poison home w/ them?

Speaking of African weed,many of the landrace Sativas in South America,were brought there from Angola and the Congo during the slave trade,those strains exploded on the US market in the 70's and became a big source of seed stock for US growers.

Spanish grass wasn't half bad when I was there in the mid-70's,and cheap by European standards of the day,about 20-25 an O. I suspect it's the basis for a lot of European weed today,just because of it's reasonable price then and already being adapted to higher latitudes.

Once the Netherlands went decrim, a lot of homegrown strains developed in the States made it there,as well as a great number of landrace strains from around the world.

As for Hawaiian weed,I really don't know much about it's history. Someone else will have to go into that. I just remember it emerging on the mainland in the mid-70's as potent and ultra expensive compared to the other weed of it's time w/ the exception of Thai Stick.

That's about as well as I recall it from my reading,talking to other growers, and experiences.

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Can you still get a pure afghan indica or are they mostly hybrid? If so where? It's hard to believe what you read or hear anymore from these seed banks because they seem to be bad mouthing eachother in the name of profit. Who can you believe and who would you trust to order from for a pure afghan indica?
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