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Biggest Yielding OD Fem strains southern Oz?


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Forum people,

I am in the hunt for the biggest yielding Feminised OD strain/strains...

I only want replies from those that know what they are talking about ( no disrespect meant here ) but only those that are using strains that are pulling big numbers year in year out and they don't bother with any other strains because they've found the one!!!

Last year I experimented with
Sensi Big Bud
Sensi - Early
Flying Dutchman - Sk#1
Female Seeds - WW x BB
Mama Mia

These varied in seed price from cheap to expeno, were all put in in the same swampy country and given an opportunity to prove their worth.... Now the disappointing thing was there was fk all dif between all of them...

Now these have been grown in southern oz, all outdoor and left to fend for themselves once in the ground....

Now the yields at times have been ok - 6-8 oz maybe more on the better ones but I want a strain that is baseball bat like.... Easy trimming and consistant up there LB'ers....

Has to be Feminised !!

Help here would be greatly appreciated!!


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100 odd views and no responses..... Are all the forum viewers cupboard growers or amateurs?? Surely there are some boys in SA etc that have had very good results from particular feminised strains outdoors??
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