Bigkahuna's Second Grow: Jet Fuel Bagseed, Indoor, Soil, CFL To LED


Hey everyone! This is my second grow ever, my first was documented here a little over 5 years ago. I still kept looking at people's journals though because i enjoy it so much. I have moved around quite a bit so I didn't get the chance to start another one until now. First seed showed root emerging from seed on 2/11/19 and the second came two days later.

What strain is it? Jet Fuel, found two seeds in the bottom of the jar I use to hold my weed. But I use that jar for all my weed so I am not 100% certain it is Jet Fuel but I am pretty sure it is since I think i would have noticed between changing strains in there. The weed came from Cru Cannabis, it was good but strange there were seeds in it. When I rub my fingers on the stalk and smell them is definitely smells like an OG/Diesel plant as well. But I'm not sure if all plants smell like that at first?

Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Currently in week 5 of veg

Indoor or outdoor? Indoor in my closet

Soil or Hydro? Black Magic potting soil (from Home Depot)

If soil... What size pot? 5 Gallons but not filled up all the way

Size of light? Started with four 23 watt 5000k CFLs, two for each plant. Just switched on 3/18 to two Sansi 40w LED grow bulbs, one for each plant.

Type and strength of ferts used? Currently just been giving Dr. Earth Organic Pure Gold Pump & Grow

I have not seen anyone using the Sansi 40w LED grow light as their main light source. Perhaps for good reason but I am not looking to produce significant yields, just having fun and thought these would be cool to try. I was looking at all the cheap LED grow light panels on Amazon and many people said they were junk. I didn't want to spend a lot and Sansi seemed like a decent enough company with a 5 year warranty. Plus they took the time to engineer the heat vent on the bulb so I figured that has got to count for something right? Anyways enough talk here are the pics.


Decided to switch to flower today so they don't get too tall. This is a little over 5 weeks from seed. Also took three of the only clones I really could without sacrificing a main branch. We'll see if they can survive.


Decided to move one of the plants outside because it does not look like it will produce high quality buds like the other one. I want the good one to have enough space and light since I let these get too big due to inexperience. Noticed some orange tips on the pistils that have me worried since it is only a little over 2 weeks into flower.


I decided to harvest the outdoor plant a week and a half ago because it rained. Currently curing. Just harvested the indoor plant last night. The smell is amazing, blast of jet fuel in your face and completely overpowers any wet grass smell. Here is the outdoor plant.
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