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Bilbo's Barney's Banger With The Mars Hydro TS1000 Oioiii!


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Oioiiii. Thank god for fans! I was getting worried for a sec that these were gonna go the same way as the last lot but i introduced a fan in there and literally within a day or 2 they perked the fuck up. This Shiskaberry is looking particularly healthy and happy though i must say. Gave all the girls a teeny defol just took the 4 biggest fans off each and pinned the top 2 branches to start spreading em out. Looking to get between 8-10 branches of about 8 inches height before i throw em in the flower room. Gonna be fun!

The light itself i couldnt be more happy with. When i was running 250 HPS for veg i had to alternate and keep turning my plants for light coverage to stop stretch n if i got to close theyd get burnt. But the footprint on this light i can have em anywhere in the tent and they are covered simple. Helped me right out so i can have the fan kicking into the gap in the middle of the tent where i've drilled holes into the side of the pots for aeration.
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